WoW Patch 9.2: Two Legends

In Patch 9.2, you can equip two legendary items instead of just one. Activation is done extensive accountafter the end of Chapter 7 of the Zereth Mortis campaign, available in Europe on 23 March 2022.

Once this feature is turned off, one Legendary can be one Legendary item of your choice and the other I managed to become the Legend of your Covenant. With the latter there are further limitations, because there are exactly two possibilities:

WoW Patch 9.2: Two Legendaries – The ‘Unity’ belt is only offered as a search reward “/>

WoW Patch 9.2: The Two Legends – The “Unity” belt is only available as a search reward

Source: Buffed

  • you can one legendary belt like Unity Fastening Belt (shaman) si Zereth Mortis’s 7th Chapter Search Award which is fixed at item 265 level – an upgrade to grade 7 (item 291 level) in Runecarver is not possible. The advantage of this belt lies in its flexibility, so it automatically gets the features of the Legendary Pact of the Pact you have currently chosen.

<strong>WoW Patch 9.2:</strong> Two Legendarys – The power of rune engraving ‘Remembering Unity’ is offered only with respectable reputation to the educated “/></p>
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WoW Patch 9.2: Two legends – The power of the “Remember Unity” runes carving is only available with a respectful reputation with the Enlightenment

Source: Buffed

  • You can also Enlightened Quartermaster, Vilofor 500 Cosmic Flux die Runegdshren of power Memory of Unity to buy. This allows you to create the “Flex” Legendary Pact mentioned above up to the 7th ranking (item level 291) in an item slot of your choice in Runecarver. The cost of a brand new Legendary Rank 7 is 5150 Soul Ashes (from Torghast), 1650 Soul Ember (from Torghast) plus 2000 Cosmic Flux (from Zereth Mortis). Here’s the catch: To buy Runecarving Power, you must complete the 7th chapter of the Zereth Mortis campaign AND have achieved a respectable reputation with the educated.

Two Legends – A “Lite” feature paired with a hot needle

Like many things in the Shadowlands, according to Blizzard the “most ambitious expansion” to date, this implementation does not seem to have been fully thought out. For example, what are players doing who have already created the Legendary Covenant in anticipation of the new feature? You can discard or tear it down in Runecarver, as you cannot equip two Crafting Legendarys at the same time, even if one is a Covenant Legendary and you have completed Chapter 7 of the Campaign. The expensive 265 base item purchased at the auction house is gone – only the ingredients are left. Why are you forced to win or build the “Flex” Legend even though there may be no reason to change the pact?

Moreover, for some players, the feature will clash with new groups of animals returning to the Shadowlands. You only need to equip four of the five-level group items to unlock both bonuses, but some players will need more time to do so because they need to catch the four “right” items or create them through protoform synthesis. In addition, they will be limited in the selection of these four items and may need to create one that does not bring good value to their style of play. Affected are, for example, elemental shamans with Echoes of the Great Smash (shoulders or hands) or fighters with Enduring Strike weapons (hands or belts) – for the latter only the hands remain if they have a new Quest Pact Legendary (belt) . want to use. There was a similar problem with inserting dominant sockets into patch 9.1. At the time, Blizzard reacted early and the Legendaries who thwarted the dominance items were made available for further slots. We would have expected something similar here – despite the PTR test, nothing has happened so far.

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