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For World Book Day, our literature team has reading tips and book recommendations. They have selected new editions and new books of the season that simply inspire!

Sometimes it is not so easy to find the right thing in the sea of ​​new books. This is why NDR literature editors comb the new publications. Here, in short, some “must read” of the season.

“Java” by Heike Geißler

Tip by Alexander Solloch: There are millions of reasons to love books. I always want to embrace those who manage to find pictures and words for thoughts and feelings that bubble inside me, but that I could never name so well. identification books. The identification book of the year, probably of the decade: “Die Woche” by Heike Geißler. A fascinatingly composed novel about the constant feeling of being overwhelmed by those in their 40s who get their kids out of bed at six-thirty in the morning, rush them to school, and always ask themselves afterwards: What is this nonsense? ? Is not life a little more lively than all the crap about fulfilling tasks suggests? Heike Geißler writes sentences so beautiful, sad, funny, tiring, exciting that you think, “Exactly! Unlike tomorrow. Or … or the day after tomorrow.”

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Our reviewer considers Heike Geissler’s book as probably the best we can read at the moment. more

“A Chemistry Case” by Bonnie Garmus

Tip by Maren Ahring: Do you like luxury TV series set in the 1960s? Say it like The Queen’s Gambit or Mad Men – then you should not miss Bonnie Garmus’ novel A Matter of Chemistry. The main character is Elizabeth Zott, who wants to make a career as a chemist at a university. But nothing will come of it. Coincidentally she is later revealed as the presenter of a TV cooking show. Dressed in a lab coat with a pencil in her hair, she explains to American housewives what cooking and chemistry have in common – and casually helps them gain more confidence. Unusual, smart and eloquent – I took Elizabeth Zott to heart right after the front pages. An extraordinary debut by Bonnie Garmus, which is being celebrated worldwide. It’s my favorite book of the season. You can also listen to “A Chemistry Question” from Monday (April 25) at NDR Kultur on “Read in the Morning”, every morning at 8:30 and for seven days to listen to it online.

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Book Cover: Bonnie Garmus - A Chemistry Question © Piper Verlag

The novel is about a fearless woman who, despite her injuries, fought for women’s rights. more

Bonnie Garmus © Serena Bolton / Piper Publishers Photo: Serena Bolton

A Question of Chemistry is a warm, entertaining novel about a chemist in the 1960s. More

“A house for many summers” by Axel Hacke

Advice from Jürgen Deppe: For me this spring the book is “A House for Many Summers” by Axel Hacke, because it is also a book for many summers. At first glance, Hacke tells only stories about his holiday home in Elba, an old fortified tower. But since he has spent many years there, the book is not only very summery, but also very profound in terms of observing the foreign country, its customs, its customs, in terms of descriptions of everyday life but It is about emergency situations, meetings with other people. All of this is so warm, so thought-provoking, but also self-ironically and ridiculously deadly that Axel Hacke’s “House for Many Wines” is my favorite book of the season.

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covers e "A house for many summers" by Axel Hacke © Kunstmann Verlag

Author Axel Hacke has long had a follow-up cult. His new book “House for many summers” has already been published. more

“The Palace of Paper” by Miranda Cowley Heller

Tip from Katharina Mahrenholtz: My book of the season so far is Miranda Cowley Heller Paper Palace. The book takes place on a day in Cape Cod, where the family of the protagonist Elle has a summer house. Elle is 50 years old, married to Peter. Both have three children. So far “happy family”. But in Elle’s life is also Jonas, childhood friend and childhood love. And on this summer evening, Elle will make a decision, for Jonas or for Peter. And you learn in retrospect what kind of story Jonas and Elle have. It’s not an easy story, bad things have happened, but the novel still conveys a great summer mood. You can hear the buzzing mosquitoes, you can hear the ants crawling. The book is exciting and sometimes even funny. What do you want more. A tip for spring!

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Book Cover: Miranda Cowley Heller - The Palace of Paper © Ullstein Verlag

Miranda Cowley Heller’s debut novel tells the story of a dysfunctional family through comebacks. more

Logo from podcasts "ha.LEXO.fle" © NDR / Photo: Natee Meepian

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A new favorite book full of animal metaphors, literary merchandise places, and the trend toward exquisite novels. 61 min

“Lack of Light” by Nino Haratischwili

Tip by Jan Ehlert: For me, this spring’s best novel is definitely Nino Haratischwili’s “Lack of Light”. A book you will remember for a long time – because not only is it 833 pages, so it is very long, but you will not soon forget these four friends Haratischwili is talking about: They are teenagers, they live in Tbilisi, in Georgia. have the worries and dreams that girls their age have – but then civil war breaks out across the country. A very current book because it shows what war does to people: some become beasts, others unwanted heroines, but all suffer. And only in retrospect, which Haratischwili composed artistically, is forgiveness and understanding possible. A very big recommendation!

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book cover "Lack of light" by Nino Haratischwili © Frankfurter Verlagsanstalt

Nino Haratischwili tells of four friends in Tbilisi at the time of the dissolution of the Soviet Union. You do not want to miss any of the approximately 830 pages. more

Logo from podcasts "ha.LEXO.fle" © NDR / Photo: Natee Meepian

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Jan and Daniel have never read as many pages as this time for a podcast episode. One book in particular inspired him. Unfortunately, the bestseller is not. 66 min

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A woman and two men look at a selection of books on shelves full of books and stacks - photo at the Frankfurt Book Fair © imago / Rupert Oberhäuser Photo: Rupert Oberhäuser

Many exciting books will be coming out this year. For example by Karl Ove Knausgård, Yasmina Reza, Orhan Pamuk and Fatma Aydemir. more

Blackboard reading books in a forest pile.  © IMAGO Photo: Daniel Schäfer

For World Book Day 2022, our literature team has reading tips and book recommendations – inspiring titles! more

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