“Without ruthlessness”: Now Putin is scaring the Russians too

I hope Putin does not read the Kommersant business daily, which is published in his hometown of St. Petersburg. There, special correspondent Andrei Kolesnikov broke down the president’s speech Wednesday at the Legislative Council, a high-level body in Russian politics. Alluding to Putin’s threats against the West, Kolesnikov wrote that a kind of “domestic atomic bomb” had exploded.

Regarding Putin’s bold announcement that all goals in Ukraine would be achieved, he said sarcastically: “His basic stance was simplified by the fact that no one knows what the plans and goals of the special operation are, as they change almost “Every day. That’s why it’s not so difficult to meet them. You can always claim the case is closed.”

“I just can not believe it”

“Many people” were there, “though there were no seats,” Kolesnikov continues his satire, seemingly bold, alluding to the empty hall with her hand-selected guests. With caustic humor, the journalist points out that Putin claims that his attack on Ukraine will bring “peace and security” in Crimea and the whole country on an almost historic scale: “Russian citizens in the border regions of Belgorod, Kursk and Voronezh have plans to feel calmer after the special operation. ”There, oil depots are always on fire, Ukraine launches missiles and allows drones to circulate.

For Finland one can read: “Before the special operation, he went somewhere, but not to NATO”. And with much bitterness in his blood, Kolesnikov reacted to Putin’s passage, in which Russia avoided a “real danger” and prevented a “major conflict” that would have taken place on its territory: “This means that “Vladimir Putin wanted to say that Ukraine wanted to attack Russia. Brave by Vladimir Putin and even more courageous as far as Ukraine is concerned. In fact, ruthless brave. I have to say I just can not believe it.”

“But no, life is flourishing everywhere”

The Kommersant columnist points out that Putin seriously predicted that the Russians would be threatened with “slave labor” as in Nazi times, and that too many people would be exposed to “extinction” beyond the Urals if they did not invade Ukraine. ” “The impression is that beyond the Urals in the north, extinction will begin immediately. But no, life is flourishing everywhere.”

It has become clear that Putin personally is not just at war with Ukraine, but with “the entire Western world.” Given the fact that forty countries discussed arms shipments to Ukraine at the German military base in Ramstein, it was “really so.”

“He meant the worst”

Suddenly, Putin became “tough,” meaning his threat that Russia would respond “quickly” if other nations intervened directly in the war in Ukraine, using military means that others did not have.

This upset him, says Kolesnikov: “When I was little, for example, I sometimes woke up terrified because I thought atomic bombs would explode on the ground.” At the time, however, he always fell asleep with the reassuring thought that his parents would mourn for him: “And now, listening to Vladimir Putin, I felt something like that again. It’s about threats of a strategic dimension, as he said “It means he had thought the worst. Even the fact that he just spoke out loud about it just seems unacceptable to me.”

“We will go to heaven”

Perhaps it is possible to stay reasonable in Russia only with sarcasm: On Tuesday evening, the editor-in-chief of the RT TV channel, which is closed mainly in the West, Margarita Simonyan (42), made the sharp statement that a nuclear war was for her It’s a “terrible idea”, but in the end everyone has to die. Putin’s favorite commentator, Vladimir Solovyov, 58, moderator of the talk show, thought it was ridiculous to add: “But we’re going to heaven, others will just be scratched.” Such and similar statements were also described as “verbal diarrhea” by critical Kremlin contemporaries.

Putin’s godmother, Xenia Sobchak (40), who ran against him as a presidential candidate in 2018 and made a career as a TV presenter herself, admitted such nonsense with words that are gradually becoming “honestly uncomfortable”, especially after the two agitators television. in the past who have often prepared the public for future developments.

Putin “without sensation”

And this is a kind of satire: the Russian portal “Rosbalt” was demonstratively upset with Putin’s speech. There was “no sensation” even though many observers had expected “high quality statements” from Putin. He neither promised a “radical review” of the war on aggression, nor did he confirm the much-discussed cancellation of the governor’s election in the fall.

The quotes attached by the head of the Russian budget department, Alexei Kudrin, who predicts at least two years of economic recession for his country, and a much worse one after the financial and pandemic crisis, are of an almost malicious quality: “We “Everyone needs to be clear about the fact that we have reached a new state and we need to properly assess our resources.”

The money ran out quickly

Russia is currently spending all of its supposedly 90 billion-euro oil and gas revenues, which were poured into the “National Welfare Fund” as a pre-war reserve, immediately. A deficit this year is inevitable. Such comments are likely to also aim to “blow air” from Putin’s performance.

According to the central bank, Russia’s export earnings totaled about 470 billion euros last year, of which 100 billion euros came from oil and about 50 billion euros from natural gas. The other main revenue generators were petroleum products and LPG.

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