Wisserland day care needs planning: The situation needs to be calmed down with the forest group

Message from 28.04.2022

By Catherine Behner

The team at the forest day care center, which is scheduled to start on June 1, presented their concept at a VG-Rats Wissen committee meeting. Here it became clear that the need for a nursery in Wisserland was met mathematically. However, the reality is different. The act of the future Kita limits the space for action.

Above: At its most recent meeting in Elkhausen, the committee on day care centers, social affairs, culture and sports in the municipal association dealt with everything from day care center planning and parent-child groups to group wisserland forest. Meanwhile the team of the forest group can hardly wait for the opening of the special facility. (Photo: KathaBe)

Knowledge / Katzwinkel-Elkhausen. The current situation regarding the planning of day center requests for 2022/2023 was presented to the committee for day centers, social issues, culture and sports in the accompanying community. Markus Wrthen, knowledge management officer, explained the main points. The main focus is on day care centers in Wissen and Schnstein. There are about 21 places for children in kindergartens.

Kita-Zukunftsgesetz presents great challenges. According to Mayor Berno Neuhoff, he limits the scope of action. In this context, he did not fail to praise the principals and educators of the kindergartens for the “excellent work” in the premises and left them space to share their experiences since the introduction of the law. (We have already reported here.)

Keep an eye on when planning requests
According to Neuhoff, when it comes to further planning claims, you have to “drive in the eye.” For this, the commission authorized the administration and the mayor, adapted to further developments, to realize the possibility of creating (temporarily) additional places for child care. With the appearance of the new development area “Auf der Sieghhe”, which is currently in the planning stage, the necessary areas should be provided to make further decisions at a given time and development. The possibility of how it was created in Birken-Honigsessen using modular construction also came up for discussion.

At the end of 2021, this solution created the urgently needed space in the day center St. Elisabeth to cover additional needs. There are currently no waiting lists here. However: All seats for next year’s day center are already occupied.

In Katzwinkel all seats are occupied and there is a waiting list. This is mainly due to the fact that the day care center Löwenzahn constantly took children who, for example, could not find a place in Knowledge. Meanwhile, there is also a day care center bus that takes children to Katzwinkel from Wissen around Hvels and Mittelhof, explains Markus Wrthen.

With the planned opening of the Wisserland forest group on June 1 at the location of Noah’s Ark in Elkhausen, current needs must be met, at least mathematically, Neuhoff explains. The group is anchored at the Lwenzahn day care center in Katzwinkel and will provide space for a total of 20 children from the age of three from 7.30am to 2.30pm. The group, for which there are currently thirteen registrations, represents an addition to the existing day care offer in the community association. Final construction measures are pending by Arche Noah under the direction of Hans-Georg Rieth. Neuhoff estimated everyone involved in relation to the short time of just eight months from the start of planning to the opening.

Concession contracts again expand the territory of the forest group
The concept of the forest day center was re-introduced by the new forest group team led by Katharina Kreuz. In addition, the article “Terrain” received special attention. In this context, the team with Mayor Berno Neuhoff sent a special thanks to Hatzfeldt House. Because in addition to the area of ​​about 77 thousand square meters, which the group can use in the vicinity of Noah’s Ark, concession agreements could be concluded for places and further paths in the forests and areas of Hatzfeldt forest management.

The Hatzfeldt House holds about four extra seats for day care center kids with the highest safety standards. The group will also be in close contact with forest ranger Reinhard Zens. “Nothing is left to chance,” explains educator Melanie Schtz on the subject. (KathaBe)

The full concept will soon also be available on the Knowledge Associations website (wissen.eu).

Further information and records for the forest group can be obtained or submitted here:
Head of Lwenzahn Day Care Center, Katharina Kreuz: 02741/8554, email: kita.loewenzahn@rathaus-wissen.de or
Day Care Officer, Markus Wrthen: 02742 / 939-157, email: markus.Wuerthen@rathaus-wissen.de

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