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YouTuber and influencers were asked if they would pay to take part in a Biontech vaccine campaign. However, the information was false news.

Attempts to misuse the vaccine by Mainz-based manufacturer Biontech on social media apparently had a larger dimension than previously known. According to research by the journal ARD Contrasts, influencers have been asked to do so not only in France but worldwide. Well-known German YouTuber Mirko Drotschmann was also offered the opportunity to spread false information about money on his channel “MrWissen2go”.

Very interesting: An agency contacts me and asks me if I want to be part of an “information campaign”. It is about sharing a link to alleged documents leaked on deaths from coronary vaccines. Against money. Agency Headquarters: London. CEO’s residence: Moscow. https://t.co/5x0Wqx79oZ

The request for the information campaign against Biontech came by email

In an email written in English, Drotschmann took the offer to be part of an information campaign to show people how many people had died as a result of Biontech vaccinations. Mirko Drotschmann reports in the DASDING interview:

Then there was data that allegedly came through a hacker. And it must spread. So, a classic fake report that you have to spend for money, which was then offered to me directly.


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The influencers were given illegal instructions

After Drotschmann showed an alleged interest, more information came immediately afterwards from senders with clear rules for cooperation. For example, it said that campaign content should not be labeled as a sponsored post, but should be sold as your opinion. This is prohibited by law in Germany.

Then there was the question of how to convey things better. So someone has to say that he has noticed and is very worried and now would like to broadcast it in order to warn others as well. After all, you were simply encouraged to use your reach and the trust that people have in you to convey the message as credibly as possible.

Who is behind the fake vaccine news campaign?

According to Drotschmann, the mail senders belong to a London-based agency. Many of the employees have a Russian name and the agency itself is also affiliated with a major Russian social media agency. Even for this reason and after further research of the magazine ARD Contrasts, it is assumed that there is a direct connection with Russian companies.

What role do companies play in Russia?

Anyone who now suspects that the campaign was about promoting the Russian Sputnik V corona vaccine – you can not say for sure. So far there is no concrete evidence for this. Because throughout the campaign only Biontech and Astrazeneca played a leading role.


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