What you need to know about camping in Italy

Alpenglow in the Dolomites, summer tasting in Tuscany or full sun in the Adriatic Sea – camping in Italy means endless travel opportunities including the best weather guarantee!

Italy is considered one of the most valuable camping destinations, which is due not only to the scenic and cultural diversity, but also to the extremely developed camping infrastructure. However, despite the justified holiday expectations, you need to find out what guidelines, requirements and challenges await you, your tent or your camper in Bella Italia,

We did some research for you and summarized everything you need to know about camping and camping in Italy.

Here’s what camping and car parking spaces in Italy cost

Absolute freedom, flexibility and independence are just some of the reasons why camping with a mobile home, van or tent is so popular. But camping holidays in Italy have their price. Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe and therefore one of the most expensive camping destinations: According to a study by the ADAC Automobile Club, a night at a high-season camp costs an average of 60.28 euros for a couple. with a child in 2022.

Depending on your requirements, camping in Italy can also be significantly cheaper. You can save money, especially in the off-season, in places simply equipped with tents or when camping indoors.

Wild camping, being free and sleeping in the car – is this possible in Italy?

Wild camping in Italy is strictly forbidden with both camping and tent and will be punished with fines from 100 to 500 euros. The law is particularly vigorously enforced in tourist areas, so there are only a few exceptional cases where you can leave being asked to leave the country.
However, if you are too tired and can no longer drive, you are allowed to restore your ability to drive in the car with a few hours of sleep.

In general, regulations in the respective municipalities vary slightly, so it may be worthwhile to ask the responsible municipality and ask for an official permit. However, if you want to save yourself from stress, there are much better alternatives to experiencing camping close to nature.

These sites offer private campsites and small campsites

For example, you can always ask private owners for permission to spend a night on their property. On the Gardensharing platform you can find parking spaces with private individuals for a small fee, you do not have to give up the experience of nature and at the same time you usually have available additional facilities such as. sanitary facilities.

Fortunately, there are many campsites in Italy, so you can choose according to your individual needs. If you prefer a small and cozy camping, you will find a large selection on the “Small Camping” page.

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With a caravan or camper to Italy – what to keep in mind

Regulations on speed, parking and fares differ from those in Germany and should therefore be taken into account when traveling south.