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With local transport all over Germany for little money – this will soon become a reality. It will not take long and a nine euro ticket can be purchased. “Sales are scheduled to start in the second half of May,” the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) announced on Friday.

But there are still many questions about the main offer, with which Germans should be freed from rising energy costs and lured into public transport. VBB can now answer the most important ones. Our current overview.

In which area will the nine euro ticket be valid?
Across Germany.

Which means of transport accepts a nine euro ticket?
“In all local and regional traffic in the second class of cars,” says the transport association. These include S-Bahn, U-Bahn, trams, regular buses to cities and districts, some ferries and all regional trains – ie. regional trains and regional express trains.

The ticket is generally not valid for long distance transport. For example, ICE, Intercity, Eurocity and Nightjet trains are taboo for the nine euro ticket.

The special offer cannot be used on long distance buses, such as Flixbus. It is still uncertain what the regulation will look like for long-distance trains that can currently be used in Berlin and Brandenburg with VBB tickets.

When can a nine-euro monthly ticket be used?
The ticket is valid for one calendar month – ie. from 1 to 30 June, from 1 to 31 July and from 1 to 31 August 2022.

Regular customers need to do nothing

Does the announced price stand?
Yes, as promised, the ticket should cost nine euros per month and person. It is personal, stressed VBB. “Every person aged six and over (younger children traveling for free) must purchase the promotional ticket in his or her own name and for each individual month.”

The name must be entered on the tickets on paper. There will be no discounts for certain groups, such as children or the elderly.

Where will the nine euro ticket be available?
In Berlin and Brandenburg on all VBB ticket machines – for example at the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) and the S-Bahn Berlin. The ticket will also be available at well-known customer service points of transport companies, such as BVG customer centers.

It should also be sold on the bus – but not on BVG buses.

It should also be available on regional trains, but only for passengers boarding stations without ticket machines or counters.

The nine euro paper ticket is only valid if the passenger’s name and surname are entered.

imago / Volker Hohlfeld

The nine euro ticket will apply here – among other things. A regional train and an S-Bahn to Berlin-Friedrichshain.

And don’t forget the digital sale: Anyone who has already downloaded the VBB Bus & Bahn app, the BVG app and the DB Navigator app on their mobile phone will be able to use it to buy a nine euro ticket.

Will subscribers and other regular customers also benefit from the offer?
Yes – expressly yes, says the transport association. This is constantly questioned, but VBB reaffirms that regular customers also benefit. This includes:

· Subscriptions to VBB environmental cards with monthly and annual debits

· Training and student subscriptions (including Potsdam student ticket) with monthly and annual debits

· Driving license for students in the state of Brandenburg

· VBB subscription for trainees with monthly and annual debit

· Card subscriptions 08: 00/09: 00/10: 00 with monthly and annual billing

· VBB-Abo 65plus with monthly and annual debit

· VBB 65 subscription in the country

· VBB company tickets with monthly and annual debit

· Semester ticket holders can also participate in the campaign. Regulations for the reduction to nine euros are being coordinated. According to the association, more information will be available soon from the respective university administrations.

What should regular customers do?
Nothing, the transport association emphasizes again. Billing will be done automatically.

“All subscribers can stand back and do nothing on their own. “The reductions are made automatically for the existing subscriptions, in order to make only nine euros per month”, confirmed on Friday by VBB.

And who has already paid their annual ticket in advance? “Annual ticket buyers are asked to use the coupons for the months of June-August as part of the campaign and then submit these coupons to the relevant transport company. “Afterwards, a refund will be made here”, explains the transport association.

Regulations are in preparation – please be patient.

Are regular customers also allowed to travel around the country by local transport?
Yes, without further action. “The VBB-fahrCard is valid as a travel authorization and is recognized throughout Germany,” says the transport association.

One tip: leave your bike at home

As a regular customer, can I take extra passengers, a dog, or a bicycle for free?
Transfer regulations in Berlin and Brandenburg continue to apply – within the specified spatial scope of VBB subscription, company ticket, semester ticket and annual cash tickets, according to VBB.

In addition, children under the age of six, a stroller and luggage can be picked up free of charge – other people, dogs and bicycles are not.

However, the nine euro ticket is generally only valid for the person for whom it was issued.

Can I go to first grade for an extra fee?
No, emphasizes VBB. “Passing to the first class with a nine euro ticket is not possible.”

Will there be more regional trains?
Potsdam’s Ministry of Infrastructure also expects more people to use local transport. “Of course, this can also lead to obstructions on busy roads or lines going to specific tourist destinations,” says Katharina Burkardt, spokeswoman for Minister Guido Beermann (CDU).

It is not yet possible to say whether additional trains will run. The ministry is in contact with the states of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Berlin to explore options for increasing roads to tourist destinations.

What does VBB advise?
The transport association advises you to learn more – and follow the tips.

“During the campaign period, it is recommended not to take your bike with you, especially on excursions, but also if possible in peak hours traffic and to use the many local bicycle rental companies at the destination.

It is also recommended to travel off-peak. ”

And how can I get from Berlin to Sylt with a nine euro ticket?
On the North Sea island, one or the other is already afraid that many people will arrive with the cheap ticket. Such a trip by regional train from Berlin is also possible without any problems – it takes at least two hours longer than usual and requires at least two changes. The best connection starts every day at 9.25 at Berlin Central Station. According to the schedule, the change of trains in Schwerin and Hamburg will take you to Westerland at 17:05. It returns according to the same pattern: Westerland from 9.49am, Berlin to 6.38pm. There are other regional train services, but they require more travel time and more frequent changes.

Alternatively, the following is true: Long-distance transport is even more convenient – travelers can also book seats there. As reported, DB Fernverkehr is trying to offer an ongoing Intercity Berlin-Westerland service again from mid-June: Departure shortly after 9am, return in the afternoon. But not everything is still in the sack and bags.

Would a trip to Rügen also be possible?
Of course. But the same thing applies here: it gets crowded, especially on the weekends. Travel during the week if possible! There are many daily connections to regional transport, just look at www.bahn.de.

For example, if you start at 6.32 in the morning at Berlin Central Station, you will reach the Baltic Sea resort of Binz with a change to Stralsund and Lietzow at 10.56. One of the few possible return trips also starts every day at 17:02 in Binz. With one change (in Stralsund), passengers return to Berlin at 21:27.

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