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After the corona restrictions, cultural life is developing again. But do we allow ourselves – even under the impression of the Ukraine war and the great suffering of refugees – culture and pleasure?

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by Susanne Birkner

For some it does not go together to enjoy culture during a war, others say you can get distracted with culture and still think about war and aid.

Enjoy the culture: Distraction islands are important

How much does war and pandemic affect the audience? And how do people who create culture treat this? Independent singer Sarajane believes that the public is happy to experience art and culture again: “I played a first concert indoors without a mask and I saw the audience very large. I think these islands, especially at this time are extremely “important. and that the audience is trying to distract from what we’re hearing on the news right now.”

The number of stage performances is still significantly reduced

Even after two years of the pandemic, Sarajane still has significantly fewer appearances on stage than before. Her tour with Ina Müller, where she has been a singer in the background for years, has been postponed. That’s why Sarajane is working hard on her next album. The current world situation does not let him go even when he is composing: “Two weeks after the start of the war in Ukraine I published a very positive love song. I struggled for a moment with myself if I was allowed to do so. If it was good to publish music “positive now. But I think it’s incredibly important now.”

Concerts can entertain and inspire people

For now, people need to have fun, get inspired, get stronger in their feelings, says the singer: “Music does something to people. Music does something to me. I make music for a specific reason: to get out of a certain mood “I wish my music would do the same for the listeners.”

Jürgen Grambeck, managing director of the Béi Chéz Heinz club in Hanover, is donating the latest pieces from “Heinzelhandel” to the club’s fans and neighbors, a flea market the club organized with good quality items donated during the 2020 blockade. in order to not close should. There is a great reaction, he says: “Yesterday there were 100 people and today there will definitely be as many”.

Because of the war, can you still organize concerts and parties?

Béi Chéz Heinz received 15,000 euros at the time. Lamps, kitchen appliances and clothes are a reminder of a time when nothing worked. Only since the end of March this year the game has started again almost normally. And the managing director had a long discussion with his employees: In wartime, can we still organize concerts and parties? They concluded: “As sad as it is: even in such difficult times, people must be given alternatives to go out.”

But: It still has to be canceled and booked all the time. Is it because of Corona, is it because of the music? Jürgen Grambeck can not say, but notes that many concerts are not sold. The main clientele of the club is the students, he says, to whom it often applies “that they have to return the euro twice. If they say that everything will be more expensive, then I will save myself the second concert of the week”.

Numerous concert cancellations by Ukrainian bands as well

In addition, there are cancellations by Ukrainian groups, says Grambeck: “They are not allowed to leave if there are male members in the group. We also have cancellations by Russian groups. They do not come because they can not get a Flight League to Germany. And there are cancellations for Corona because the group is sick. “

The singer from Hamburg Sarajane, who herself had just taken Corona, has the feeling that everything is still starting very carefully: “Although you can already see pictures of the full concerts and of people lying on their sweaty arms, I do not “I have them. however the feeling that this is not yet reality. These are concerts that have been postponed and are taking place, still unreserved. My assessment is that it is being introduced slowly and hesitantly. But what is being shown is a lot of fun!”

Speaking time at NDR Info: Culture under the impression of pandemic and war

Tonight at 21:00 on NDR Info, talk time is also about culture under the impression of pandemic and war. How are the wishes of the audience changing?

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