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Outside was raging Cannstatter Wasen, the great Swabian folk festival, where people have been dressed as Bavarians for several years, as they think they know them from “Wiesn”. Many of the youngsters mostly in dirndls and lederhosen looked surprised when, around 17:30 local time, there was a large crowd of people in white and red fan outfits.

They had left the stadium in a pretty good mood as the upper levels were released first and then the lower ones. Just before the end, Stuttgart’s Chris Führich had equaled Wolfsburg’s early lead in dramatic excellence (89th) – and thus caused a collective mood swing among 52,000 spectators.

Suddenly there was hope left in the VfB annex to be able to finish the season as a first division team – and maybe even after the 34th day of the match. Even on this crazy afternoon they got a little more food, as two minutes after Stuttgart’s goal for 1-1, Bielefeld also equalized against Hertha. Until shortly before the end of the regular season (s), it looked like the season at best could end up in the relegation standings, but now there were four points between the Berliners and VfB.

If you win the next two games and Hertha does not win at least one, you can go on summer vacation in mid-May. This is the optimistic scenario.

A direct admission from Borna Sosa descends just five meters from the pillar

The pessimist would still be the direct discount. With just two points ahead of seventeenth-placed Bielefeld, the second division is also a terribly realistic option. And for a long time almost everything VfB showed on Saturday seemed like a fairly straightforward way to the basement. He had to “work out courage and determination”, admitted coach Pellegrino Matarazzo after the match and spoke about “some weak points”.

Stuttgart’s Chris Führich (left) still draws in a mixed game.

(Photo: Tom Weller / dpa)

After less than a quarter of an hour of play, VfB was behind. John Anthony Brooks had scored with a header 0: 1 after he was able to climb up to the unaccompanied header (13). After that, as last week at 0: 2 in Berlin, VfB made deeply sad faces among its supporters. However, not this time, because he would have played pomadigi and reluctantly as in the capital. On the contrary: the team could not be blamed too much – except for too many mistakes in the last third of the field.

The weak Saša Kalajdžić missed four simple transfers for well-positioned colleagues, had fake rebounds and desperate shots and a direct shot from Borna Sosa, who landed five meters from the post and went out (42). In the second half, in which VfB was at its best, Wolfsburg’s volatile cliché this season was enough for a pragmatic display in defense with a few attempts to ease the pressure.

While substitute Enzo Millot showed just before the end that Stuttgart players can hit even good crosses: The rest was taken care of by Führich, who caused ecstatic scenes on all sides of the stands with the result 1-1 and already thought ahead: “We “We have to move on now, stay tuned, in order to achieve our goal of staying in the classroom. That one point can help with that.”

Opposite the Cannstatt curve, where the ultras were on the job for 90 minutes, the team gathered after the final whistle and applauded the fans again. However, all of a sudden, it seemed to everyone that the beautiful scenario of two victories in the 33rd and 34th match could have a serious impact on reality. Because on the last day of the game, VfB hosts 1. FC Köln, who are currently playing passable football. And next weekend we will go to Munich. The most convincing sound was “Take off the Bavarian ‘lederhosen” with evergreen.

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