Vegan picnic: 5 vegan picnic basket ideas

As soon as the word picnic is mentioned, it’s clear – summer is here. Whether with friends, family, as a couple or just relaxing in the countryside, we at PETA Germany have quick and easy recipes as well as practical tips and ideas for your vegan picnic. The advantage: vegan foods often do not spoil as quickly as milk, meat and other products for which animals in the food industry have to suffer.

5 finger food ideas for vegan picnic basket

1. Summer salads

It does not matter if it is a salad to be put in a jar or a bowl: Salads based on bulgur, couscous or soft wheat are especially suitable for vegan picnics. These not only bring variety to the menu, but also do not fade so quickly in the heat. Or how about a quick and easy Mediterranean pasta salad (title: Mediterranean pasta salad recipe) with roasted vegetables?

Salad in the glass
Delicious salads in a mason jar can be prepared with just a few ingredients.
Jeta Vegan Normad

2. Vegan sandwiches

No picnic should be without sandwiches. Vegan petas made from vegetables, cereals or legumes are suitable as a topping for vegan sandwiches. Along with vegan mayonnaise and fillings like tomatoes, avocados, cabbage beans and various sprinkles, sandwiches are always a good idea.

3. Pandispanja

Pandispanja has the advantage that it can be easily stored. Just take it out of the bowl and enjoy – ready. If you wish, you can take the vegan spray cream with you. Fresh fruits like strawberries, raspberries, apples and many more go well with this. Unusual, but just as delicious for a picnic: vegan cinnamon rolls.

4. Things for Barbecue

Especially in quarry ponds there are often pleasant places that invite you to vegan barbecue. There are also an extraordinary number of vegan things that look great on the grill: from barbecue torches and grilled vegetables to corn on the cob or vegan stick bread.

Vegetables in a grill bowl
From vegetables to seitan steak: Vegan grilling is easy and, above all, versatile.

5. Cold iced coffee in a thermos

Refresh someone? Vegan ice cream is easy to make yourself. Otherwise, almost every supermarket has several varieties in its range. If you want to take a refreshing drink with you to the picnic, but you are still looking for ideas: vegan iced coffee stays fresh in the thermos and is easily transported. For vegan iced coffee you need:

  • Coffee
  • Cinnamon
  • vanilla extract
  • maple syrup
  • ice cubes
  • milk alternative
  • Vegan ice cream

And this is how it works: Boil the coffee and mix it with vanilla, maple syrup and cinnamon to taste. Then place in the refrigerator. Fill the ice cubes in the thermos, pour the plant-based milk and then add the ice balls.

Basic equipment for the vegan picnic

To enjoy nature and the blue sky while eating together, of course the basic equipment should be suitable. Here is our checklist of things to pack for your vegan picnic:

  • picnic blankets: The best blankets are made from synthetic materials, easy to care for and washable.
  • Cups, cutlery and dishes: Use reusable tableware to help preserve the oceans and environment.
  • Measures against uninvited guests: Well-sealed plastic or glass containers help keep ants, wasps, and other insects out.
  • mosquito repellent: It is also advisable to apply mosquito repellent spray on the skin and / or clothing in advance so that agile animals are not tempted in the first place.
  • Have a garbage bag with you: Not only the following excursion guests are happy for a clean place after the meal, but also the environment and wildlife. Because leftover plastic bottles, cans or strings can very easily become deadly traps for insects, small animals or birds.
  • Add-ons: such as serviettes (here too, reusable materials lighten the burden of the environment instead of single use), seat cushions, sun protection, preferably spices like salt and pepper.
The woman sits in a meadow with a dog
It is easy to have a picnic in a way that protects the environment and nature.

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