Top Netflix Documentaries: 25 Must Sees

You have come so far now that you will say this Netflix are you looking at one of your hobbies? Then you probably already know a lot of movies and series that are worth watching. But currently on the broadcasting platform there are also some documentaries that are not only exciting, but where you can also learn a lot of new things. Therefore, in this article we will show you best documentaries Netflix.

These are the best documentaries on Netflix:

Best Documentaries on Netflix: These 25 Cannot Beat

Whether real crime, science or rather pure entertainment – everyone has a different preference when it comes to documentaries. Because of this we have the top five documentaries from the categories of crime, sports, nature, history and politics, and entertainment selected. Together, these documentaries make up the top 25 documentaries Netflix.

Netflix has many good crime documentaries to offer. Photo: Netflix Media Center

1.5 best crime documentaries on Netflix

Amidst relationship crimes, serial killings and mysterious disappearances, it almost seems like our world has become a cruel place. At the same time, the real crime genre is more popular than ever. These five crime documentaries get them the deepest secrets of real criminals towards the light:

  • In the mini-documentary series “Night Stalker: On the hunt for a serial killer” (2021) two investigators report on the hunt for serial killer, kidnapper and rapist Richard Ramirez, who was in poor condition in Los Angeles in the 1980s and brutally killed several victims – and for no apparent reason.
  • miniseries Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich (2020) is about the gruesome investigation into multi-millionaire sexual assailant Jeffrey Epstein, who has built a network for child exploitation over the years.
  • Documentary film Amanda Knox (2016) let the word say not only those involved in this case, but also Amanda herself, who has been twice convicted of murder. Is the truth finally coming out?
  • German documentary series “Dig Deeper: The Disappearance of Brigitte Meier” (2021) brings the viewer closer to the investigation (and investigation errors!) into Brigitte Meier’s case in 1989 and provides insights into the life of the potential perpetrator.
  • In the mini-series “The Case of Gabriel Fernandez” (2020) the focus is on investigations into the parents of eight-year-old Gabriel Fernandez. It is said that not only did they rape their son several times, but in the end they killed him.
Athlete A
The Netflix Athlete A documentary gives a voice to athletes who were sexually abused by their former physical therapist. Photo: Netflix Media Center

2.5 best sports documentaries on Netflix

Even in the field of sports documentaries Netflix much to offer. But sport is not just sport. How small this The gap between honest sport and great unsportsmanlike conduct is true, you will discover it in these five sports documentaries:

  • In the documentary “Athlete A” (2020) athletes who have been sexually abused by their physiotherapist Larry Nassar for years say their word.
  • RECORDS “Icarus” (2017) shows the abysses of doping in sports competitions. American Bryan Vogel claims to be doping for a bike race to prove how easily doping tests can be manipulated.
  • The six episodes of the documentary series “Josportsmanlike” (2021) The biggest scandals, crimes and controversies in the history of sports are revealed.
  • Documentary film “Phoenix from the Ashes” (2020) brings to the fore the best athletes of the Paralympic Games and tells their stories.
  • Nepalese climber Nirmal Purja has set himself the task of climbing all 14 peaks in just seven months. In the documentary you can find out if he succeeds “14 Maja” (2021).
Netflix Marine Documentaries
“Seapiracy” shows the abyss of fishing. Photo: Netflix Media Center

3. 5 best documentaries from flora and fauna

Our planet is truly fascinating. Several billion species of animals and plants are home here. However, that we no longer treat our land this way as we are doing now, the following five will show you Netflix– Documentaries from the world of animals and plants:

  • RECORDS Children (2021) deals with global fisheries, illegal whaling, pollution of the world’s oceans and the ensuing environmental consequences. In the process, some secrets and conspiracies are revealed.
  • Coral reefs as we know them today will not exist for much longer. IN Netflix-Documentary Chasing Coral (2017) researchers and photographers dive back into this underwater world as a dream and document the death of coral reefs.
  • of emmy-The winning documentary series “Our Planet” (2019) shows the different areas of our land along with their animal and plant diversity.
  • “Earth at Night” (2020) inspires with stunning night views from the realm of nature and also shows how vibrant our land is at night.
  • IN “David Attenborough: My Life on Our Planet” (2020) Renowned wildlife film director David Attenborough reflects on his life on earth and shares his visions for the future with viewers – accompanied by breathtaking views of nature.
The 13th Netflix documentary
“The 13th” is a highly critical social documentary on Netflix. Photo: Netflix Media Center

4.5 Best Historical and Political Documentaries on Netflix

But not only in the field of nature and sustainability there is a clear need for improvement. How has the past affected our present and what is still going wrong in our presentI show you these five documentaries Netflix:

  • In glamor Netflix-Documentation “The 13” (2016) activists, politicians, and scholars analyze the growing criminalization of the African-American population and the sharp increase in inmates in American prisons.
  • RECORDS “Queen – 60 years queen” (2013) It consists of archival footage and interviews of experts chronicleing the extraordinary life of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • The documentation illustrates this with recording interviews and visits to historical sites “Cruelty and Hope – The Diary of Anne Frank” (2015) the effect of Anne Frank’s diary on millions of people.
  • The documentary series proves that money plays a very important role these days “Dirty Money” (2020). It also shows how far corporations would actually go for money.
  • The documentary explains why dinosaurs really became extinct and how the Ice Age was first born. “The Ice Age Mystery – Why Did the Giants Go Out?” (2019) finally resolved.
Netflix Tinder Scam
“The Tinder Schindler” is just one of many good documentaries on Netflix. Photo: Netflix Media Center

5. Five more documentaries worth watching on Netflix

If you like some light fun is, but you still want to learn something about it, you have to look at it Netflix– Be sure to watch the documentaries:

  • How does trauma affect our body? The documentary addresses this question “The healing power of exposure” (2021) till the end. A diverse group of women embark on a self-healing journey learning how to pole dance.
  • Documentary series “Explained” (2021) deals with actually quite common phenomena like time, hurricane or stock market and explains these things in just a few minutes.
  • This proves that there are not always just nice people sitting on different dating platforms Netflix-Documentary “The Tinder Swindler” (2022). In this documentary you will discover how much a slip in the wrong direction can affect your life.
  • Critical social documentation “The social media dilemma” (2020) it is about how humanity can be influenced and manipulated through social media. Therefore not without reason the documentary is one of the second most watched documentaries Netflix.
  • In the documentary series “100 People” (2020) 100 people, who could not be more different, play the role of pigs in various experiments. The results are impressive and surprising at the same time.

Corollary: The best documentaries on Netflix are simply worth watching!

Right now watching the best documentaries on Netflix is ​​one of your hobbies. Because every documentation mentioned above is completely unique and absolutely worth seeing. So what are you waiting for ?! Get a bowl of popcorn and then you will watch documentaries. Have fun!

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