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Especially at the moment, broadcast platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime are in demand as toilet paper. In addition to a large selection of series and movies, they also have documentaries about artists and live concerts in the sleeve. Here you can find out which ones you should definitely take a look at.

Holidays are near, but grandma and grandpa have to stay home now to protect themselves. This is fair! But it also means: There is no roast and delicious cake for you. But that’s no reason to stick your head in the sand. Netflix and Amazon Prime have more to offer than Money Heist, Stranger Things, Peaky Blinders and Co. (which you have probably already read all).

Whether it’s Queen-B at Coachella or Justin Timberlake up close and personal with fans: we’ve searched Netflix and Amazon Prime for the best music and concert documentaries for you and we tell you which music documentaries you should definitely watch and why.

Netflix Tips: Music Documentaries

Travis Scott – Look Mom I Can Fly

Documentation called “Look mom I can fly‘illuminates the life of what is probably the most trendy rapper in the US at the moment Travis Scott. The fact that it can fly is probably not just extracted from the thin air.

In the documentary, you will see the early footage of his career from 2014, in which he stands in front of an audience of maybe 15 people. Less than five years later: Halls sold out, fans camped in front of sneaker stores, broadcast numbers exploded and occasionally an elegant lady named Kylie Jenner by their side – you can not blame her for often going too far with feet off the ground.

“Look Mom I Can Fly” features Travis Scott ascending to the rap rap throne. The rapper, who otherwise presents himself as quite inaccessible, takes a deep look here. From childhood videos to private recordings by his daughter Stormy and his ex-girlfriend Kylie.

Lady Gaga: Five Foot Two

Lady Gaga is probably the most famous movie character of our time – maybe even of all time. “Gaga: Five Foot Two“shows a woman who is not only musically talented, but also an important social symbol – for all those who do not want to conform to the norm.

The purpose of the film is not just to be a promotion for them or a new record, a new image or something. It’s the diary of a woman trying to keep the life of an imaginary character. Scenes between success, fame, obstacles, pain and tears reflect reality.

Taylor SwiftMiss Americana

documentation “miss americana“Takes the audience to the life of the most successful singer in the history of (American) music: Taylor Swift. The sweet neighbor baby, who has never been guilty of anything, has become an icon of world pop music in recent years. Your character and appearance were created and shaped by the rules of social acceptance – or the rules of success.

“Miss Americana” presents the raw truth of what it is like to be the center of attention early on and what it does to a person. Loneliness, depression, fear and of course joy are one of the side effects. The film shows that Taylor Swift is more than just the neighbor girl who says yes and amen to everything. For the first time Taylor takes a political position, for which he had to fight hard …

Concerts on Netflix

Homecoming – A film directed by Beyoncé

Queen B has also hit Netflix. Beyonce is the first woman of color to ever head the Coachella Festival. “Returning home‘fixes this extraordinary show accompanied by footage of her private life and the behind-the-scenes process. Such a perfect show requires a lot of training, a lot of sweat, a lot of discipline and a strong team.

The show became a political statement: Your team is made up entirely of people of color – including many women. “Coming home” – A homage to the black universities and colleges of the southern United States. True to Beyoncé’s motto: Slay it!

Springsteen on Broadway

Bruce SpringsteenThe Broadway show in New York is probably one of the most intimate and touching at the same time. The boss tells his story, plays his songs softly and gently – he also pretends to be a rogue with a magic trick: How to create a community of many individuals. A big us.

Springsteen accomplishes something wonderful in this concert evening: His story attracts the audience. Most recently after his wife Patti took the stage and the two sang and talked about the long-standing partnership, tears flowed from some fans in public. The musician joins the audience – and this energy can be felt even at home on the sofa.

Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee Children

It was almost two years Justin Timberlake on a large “20/20 Experience World Tour” with believers 134 performances in two years. Someone has to do this first. Thankfully, the grand finale of the tour was captured on film. The last two shows were recorded at the MGM Grande Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Together with the large group of 14 pieces “Children of Tennessee“Justin let a superlative party get up. A show that could not be more spectacular – First-class dance routines, twinkling lights, a big stage and hit after hit. Included goose bumps. But you not only get a perfectly organized show that brings the feeling of live concert to your four walls, but also an exclusive behind-the-scenes look.

Coldplay – A head full of dreams

In the documentary “A head full of dreams“look cool game back to 20 years of their group’s existence. Two decades is a long time, few marriages and even fewer bands last that long. Like any wedding, Coldplay has had its ups and downs – but in the movie he realizes that nothing can break a brotherly friendship.

directory Whitecross mat joined the group before they were a real group. In “A Head Full Of Dreams” you can see not only recordings from today’s successful days, but also recordings from the first rehearsal in the student room. “A Head Full Of Dreams” is a journey from first recording to success – between dreams, hard work, trust and a tireless friendship.

Rammstein in America

documentation “Rammstein in America“It was filmed by what is probably the most scandalous group from Germany. The documentary tells the story of the band members. From the time they were just six kids of the liberated area and touring in the US for the first time, until they achieved the status of live show icon.

Rammstein may not have earned everyone’s sympathy points, but you have to admit that they always have the most elaborate stage performances that amaze everyone. “Rammstein in America‘clearly shows the rise and fall, doubts and sharpness, as well as the psychological conflicts and resurrection of the six rebels.

Amy-Girl after name

“Amy — The girl after the name“Shows the wild life of the singer with an incomparable soul voice: Amy Winehouse. While the documentation is not completely free, it is worth every penny.

In the movie you get a look at Amy Winehouse’s private life. Even if the singer is unfortunately no longer with us, you feel very close to her in the movie. However, you can also feel the creepy decay falling under your skin. In short, it is the story of a legend who had to choose between fame and cognition and mental and physical health.

NKOTBSB – Directly from the O2 Arena in London

Ok, what is this for an emphasis please? of Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block together in one scene! We are lost for words.

If you want to dive into the 90s over the holidays and recall a little, this is for you NKOTBSB perfect base.

The Rolling Stones – Sweet Summer Sun: Live in Hyde Park

Now it’s getting dirty: The Rolling Stones are one of the longest-lived rock bands and have really knocked on countless scenes.

Even though you (hopefully) have no mud, dirt and dust in your living room, as it should be in a real rock festival, “Sweet Summer Sun” will give your four walls a real summer festival flavor. . shake that little one

Santana – The biggest hits live in Montreux

whom Art“The presence of the stage is as absent as we are, he can quickly decide on a cold beer and the concert.”The biggest hits live in Montreux“Enjoy. With one song after another it does not let our feet rest.

It does not even enter the concert halls, but at least it awakens the feelings of the “front row” – without having to sit early in the queue at the entrance.

Nothing for you? Maybe your favorite musician or band will start a live broadcast soon. WHere we have a constantly updated list of the most exciting live broadcasts for the home.

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