Ticket 9 euros: What passengers need to know in Wolfsburg

Public transport in Wolfsburg

Ticket 9 euros: What passengers need to know in Wolfsburg

Updated: 05/08/2022 12:29 PM

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9 euro ticket for bus and train: You should know this

9 euro ticket for bus and train – you should know this

For only 9 euros by bus and train throughout Germany? This should be possible from June thanks to the so-called 9 euro ticket. We show you what to look out for.

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For 9 euros per month, passengers should be able to travel through Germany during the summer. Everything about starting sales in Wolfsburg, points of sale and rules.

  • Plans for the 9 euro ticket continue to take shape. For 9 euros per month, passengers should be able to travel through Germany by public transport during the summer.
  • If the Federal Council agrees, the offer will be available nationwide from June to August. The final decision will be made on May 20.
  • Here you will find all the information about starting sales in Wolfsburg, points of sale in the city area and rules.

Preparations are already underway: To facilitate citizens at the gas station, the federal government wants one in the summer Ticket 9 euros introduce to passengers throughout Germany Unlimited all buses, trams, S-Bahn and U-Bahn trains as well as public trains local and regional transport to be able to use.

If the Federal Council on May 20 agree, the offer is valid for three months from 1 June for all local and regional transport in Germany. We have compiled all the important facts for you. Here you will find information about launch sales in Wolfsburg, selling point in the city area and for validity:

Who can buy a ticket for 9 euros?

Anyone in Germany can buy a ticket for 9 euros and use it without limits. Children under 6 travel free. Children over 6 years old should buy a ticket just like adults. Important: The ticket is not transferable.

How long is a 9 euro ticket worth?

Tickets must be valid for the period from 1 June to 31 August. Each 9 euro ticket is valid for one calendar month – so 27 euros will be paid for three months. Linking to calendar months also means that it will not be possible to buy tickets for an interim period – say from June 15 to July 15.

When and where is the 9 euro ticket available in Wolfsburg?

The 9 euro ticket is expected to be available from WVG from 20 May. Passengers can buy it at advance booking offices, from bus drivers and from ticket machines at train stations.

It should also be used as a cell phone ticket to WVG application be available. Also, a nationwide online platform will be created for the shipping company for sale. This was announced by the Verkehrsverbund Region Braunschweig (VRB).

WVG advance booking offices in Wolfsburg:

  • Downtown: WVG Info Shop, Porschestraße 2, 38440 Wolfsburg
  • Downtown: Nordkopf Tower, Hesslinger Strasse 1-5, 38440 Wolfsburg
  • Downtown: Wolfsburg Concert Halls, Porschestraße 22 – 24, 38440 Wolfsburg
  • Downtown: Tourist Information at Wolfsburg Store, Willy-Brandt-Platz 4, 38440 Wolfsburg
  • Detmerode: Harissa Kiosk, Theodor-Heuss-Str. 99, 38444 Wolfsburg
  • Eichelkamp: tobacco goods Thomas Trenkner, Dunantplatz 4, 38440 Wolfsburg
  • Fallersleben: Gifts & More, Mozartstraße 18, 38442 Wolfsburg
  • Fallersleben: Kleiner Laden Kiosk, Hopfengarten 1b, 38442 Wolfsburg
  • Heinenkamp: Tobacco & Press, Brandgehaege 9, 38444 Wolfsburg
  • Sülfeld: Sülfelder Shop, Dorfstraße 18, 38442 Wolfsburg
  • Basin Width: Jonas KG Tobacco & Gifts, Allerstraße 1, 38448 Wolfsburg
  • Garden Width: Fursan Jomma Kiosk, Schulenburgallee 50, 38448 Wolfsburg
  • Garden Width: Stationery Vespermann, Hansaplatz 5, 38448 Wolfsburg
  • Vorsfelde: Tabak-City, Lange Strasse 6, 38448 Wolfsburg
  • Vorsfelde: Tobacco Products Thomas Trenkner, Meinstrasse 109, 38448 Wolfsburg
  • Vorsfelde: Kiosk Krause, Mühlenweg 33, 38448 Wolfsburg
  • Westhagen: Kiosk Fursan Jomma, Dresdener Ring 115, 38444 Wolfsburg

Where is the 9 euro ticket worth?

Tickets must be valid for local public transport (transportPNV) throughout Germany. For 9 euros per month everyone can use all buses, trams and local and regional transport trains as desired. The exception is that great distance Deutsche Bahn – for example ICE or IC trains, but also private providers. Read here where the offer is not valid.

Can I take a bicycle with me on the 9 euro ticket?

Jo, cycles can not be obtained free of charge. “An expansion card will be needed for this,” explains WVG spokeswoman Petra Buerke upon request.

Is the offer valid for dial-a-bus services as well?

Yes, the offer is valid for call the bus. Dial-a-bus takes passengers from Friday to Saturday from 20:00 to 5:00 and from Saturday to Sunday from 20:00 to 8:00 from each stop to their desired destination in the city area. “But the extra comfort fee of 1 euro still applies,” says WVG spokeswoman Petra Buerke. More information about dial-a-bus can be found here.

Read also about the 9 euro ticket:

What rules apply to subscribers?

All passengers who have tickets or tickets for the period from June to August subscription own, which are significantly more expensive than 9 euros, the difference must be compensated. According to VRB, these clients do not have to do anything themselves.

“For all subscribers, the price of the monthly subscription for the period June – August 2022 will be automatically adjusted to 9 euros”, announces the transport association. Only the reduced amount will then be debited. Those already sent subscription cards remain valid, new tickets will not be sent.

Are the rules for subscription tickets still applied?

If you have a subscription card that includes additional services, these apply to you service proceed – but only in the area of ​​VRB validity. This applies to regulations for taking with you, for example. Holders of a Plus or Job subscription can take an adult and up to three children aged 6 to 14 or a bicycle instead of an adult when they travel to the tariff area on weekdays marked on the subscription card after 19:00, as well as on weekends and public holidays in Lower Saxony, take it with you free of charge. ”

When driving in the VRB network area, which also includes the city of Wolfsburg, you can dogs to be obtained free of charge.

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