Ticket 9 euros: Berlin passengers should know this

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Ticket 9 euros: What passengers need to know

Updated: 05/04/2022 15:21

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With a 9 euro ticket directly to the Baltic Sea

With a 9 euro ticket directly to the Baltic Sea

The 9 euro ticket for public transport is available for three months from June to August. With regional trains you can also go to the Baltic Sea. The video shows what the regional train lines are.

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What should customers who already have a subscription do? Where can I get a ticket? Questions and answers for the 9 euro ticket.

Berlin. Travel around Germany by local transport, take the metro, S-Bahn and bus via Berlin – all for just nine euros a month. This will be possible for three months from June. Overlooking the Berlin-Brandenburg region, Morgenpost clarifies the most important questions and answers for the 9 euro ticket.

How much is a 9 euro ticket?

The 9 euro ticket aims to bring all Germans at a cheap price through Germany with local transport for three months. The campaign starts on June 1st. Those interested will have to pay 27 euros for the entire campaign period until the end of August. However, it is also possible to purchase the ticket only for selected months. The cheapest public transport ticket goes back to the relief package decided by the federal government due to high energy prices.

Where can I get a 9 euro ticket?

According to the federal government, transportation companies are still working on distribution channels. According to the Ministry of Transport, a common online platform is also planned, through which tickets can be booked digitally. At the same time, customers can also buy tickets through the classic sales channels at the counter and at the machinery. It can be assumed that a purchase through the Deutsche Bahn app and the usual digital sales channels of the regional transport associations and also the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) will be possible.

What should passengers who already have a BVG or VBB subscription do?

The Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) states that regular public transport customers in the region should also benefit from discounted offers – without extra effort. Regarding existing subscribers to local transport subscriptions, the Federal Ministry of Transportation states: “Your subscription will be automatically reduced to nine euros by the transport company or the difference will be settled in the coming months. At the same time, all subscription benefits are retained in the relevant transport association or transport company. ”

S-Bahn Berlin noted that existing customers should not cancel their subscriptions. BVG said existing subscribers had to do nothing to participate in the promotion. In the period June, July and August the price for three months will be reduced to nine euros per month.

Will 9 euro tickets for buses and trains significantly fill up?

This can be assumed and this is also assumed by the transport companies themselves. “We expect the 9-euro ticket to be used more often and more passengers to use public transport,” VBB spokesman Joachim Radünz told Morgenpost. At the same time, the spokesman urged passengers to carefully plan their travel routes in advance, look at current driving information, if possible not to drive at peak times, and preferably choose less frequented destinations.

“Maybe not everyone should go to the Baltic Sea on their first weekend,” he suggested. However, capacity barriers are expected at VBB, especially in connection with the popular Baltic Sea excursion regions, the Spreewald and the Elbe / Dresden Sand Mountains. BVG also said they are assuming greater demand on “classic excursion routes”.

How are transport companies reacting to the additional demand?

Many transportation companies say you do what you can. VBB, which talks about providers in the region and also orders additional offers from Deutsche Bahn, Odeg & Co. in consultation with the federal states, announced that all transport companies in the region “are striving to the best of their ability to offer the 9 euro Project – Ticket within their capabilities and capacities”.

It is already concrete that there will be more trains to the Baltic Sea. However, space for capacity building is limited, said VBB spokesman Radünz. Vehicles and staff are already lacking, and infrastructure is already “relatively exhausted”, especially during the main travel time. Generally, summer is travel time and construction time. Therefore, VBB also expects obstacles due to construction activities.

What do passenger representatives ask for?

The Pro Bahn Berlin-Brandenburg Passenger Association has already called on federal states to order additional train services as soon as possible in order to avoid frustration and disappointment among passengers. Trains and staff should be contracted with private providers. DB Regio and Odeg must use their stocks from peak hour traffic to provide additional trains to weekend excursion destinations.

Pro Bahn expects the 9 euro ticket to be enthusiastically accepted. Therefore, long-term consideration must be given to how an attractive long-term offer can be created. The association cited the “climate ticket” in Austria as an example.

For 1095 euros, you can use all public transport including long distance trains. This variant may have to adapt to German conditions: “Maybe four federal states for 1,095 euros, including ICE / IC in selected countries?” suggested Pro Bahn.

What does free local transport offer for other mobility services?

Other mobility companies such as car-sharing companies or the long-distance bus industry are also monitoring preparations for the launch of the nine-euro ticket. The Free Now platform, which organizes taxi and car rental trips, in addition to sharing cars, bicycles and e-scooters, said that users will not only be able to use the 9 euro ticket in Berlin, but also in other cities. in Germany makes special offers on the application. From the company’s point of view, the 9 euro ticket “generally raises awareness of alternative forms of mobility”.

The Flixtrain provider, whose trains are exempt from the 9-euro ticket, already sees obstacles in capacity on public transport and regional trains. “Here, FlixBus and FlixTrain will always offer added value with guaranteed seats,” said a spokesman.

At the same time, the company called on politicians to find long-term solutions to get people excited about environmentally friendly means of transportation in the long run. This makes more sense in investing in railway infrastructure. At the moment, the nine-euro ticket is just a flash in the pot, worth billions and a one-time expensive effect.

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