Thore Schölermann: “I live in the most beautiful apartment of all time”

28.04.2022 – 14:12

Moderator for the role and work of the father
Thore Schölermann: “I live in the most beautiful apartment of all time”

Photo: Milch Initiative

Thore Schölermann at the “Let’s Talk Milch” event.

Actor Thore Schölermann (37) has recently become a new father. In the interview he talks about healthy eating, his commitment to sustainability and how his life has changed since the birth of his daughter.

Thore Schölermann (37) is an actor, moderator – and most recently a young father. At the Initiative Milch event, he talks about healthy eating, his commitment to sustainability and how his life has changed since the birth of his daughter with fellow actress Jana Kilka (34) in late 2021. He also shows how he reconciles working with his family and what fans can expect in the new season of “The Voice of Germany”.

Mr. Schölermann, today’s “Initiative Milch” event is about healthy and balanced food. What do you pay special attention to yourself?

Thore Schölermann: I’m basically a connoisseur and when in doubt, pleasure comes before counting calories. But I fully listen to my body instead of supposedly healthy trends: food should make me happy and satisfied. When I am happy, my body is happy too.

You have been committed to sustainability for many years. How important is environmental awareness to you in nutrition? What are you doing for him?

Schölermann: I eat consciously and buy consciously. Pay attention to a short supply chain, small packaging, buy seasonal products and, above all, pay attention to animal welfare – also and especially to dairy products. Many have forgotten the awareness of consumption. If you eat a sausage, kill animals, if you buy a wooden shelf, cut down a tree. Basically this is how things go, you just have to be aware of it, so as not to spend anything. Throwing food is forbidden for us! We buy in moderation and not wholesale.

Has your outlook on him changed since you became a father a few months ago?

Schölermann: With the birth of our daughter, we became even more aware of the responsibility we need to take better care of this planet.

What do you want to emphasize when it comes to food when raising your daughter?

Schölermann: That remains to be seen. We will try to be good role models. My parents taught me the values ​​and behaviors that have stayed with me all my life. I am very grateful for that.

What has changed at home since your daughter was born?

Schölermann: There is finally life at home and everything makes sense. The feeling of living in a shared apartment for three is still sometimes unrealistic, but definitely the most beautiful shared apartment I have ever lived in!

Are you or your wife Jana often in the kitchen?

Schölermann: In the first few weeks, I clearly and happily took on the role of house man. The fact that I cook is nothing new anyway, but I have become faster and more efficient because I still do the laundry in the middle.

How is the division of labor for you?

Schölermann: We do not have a classic division of labor. We have found a good work-life-child balance and are fully immersed in our role as parents without forgetting each other as a couple. This is very important for all parties. Happy parents, happy children!

How do you balance family and work?

Schölermann: We had a lot of respect for that and maybe that’s why we waited so long to have children. We wanted to do it all ourselves, without nuts and the like. My management has a lot to do with scheduling my appointments so that I am always at home regularly. Jana is also able to work again. We have a home recording studio so she can work as a speaker in the home office.

Speaking of affairs: In the twelfth season of “The Voice of Germany” you are on stage with Melissa Khalaj as a moderator duo. Why are you the perfect team?

Schölermann: We understand each other blindly and have fun on set. Our dogs do well too.

What will you miss from Lena Gercke?

Schölermann: Lena’s fashionable tips and advice for baby devices are now only available via WhatsApp. Even if we are no longer colleagues in Voice, I am sure that at some point we will be together on stage again.

How do you prepare for the moderation of “The Voice” and when does the shooting start?

Schölermann: We start the new season of The Voice in May and to be honest, after more than ten years I no longer need to prepare. I have read a lot about our talents and I am very excited to know them directly. This year I have to remember 3 new names for coaches.

This time three new coaches are sitting on the red chairs. Who would be a dream coach for you?

Schölermann: I would like to have a musical legend like Grönemeyer, Maffay, Lindenberg or Westernhagen.

You have been with us since 2012. How has work changed over the years?

Schölermann: It’s still an absolute dream job for me and I do not feel like a job, but like a big party with very good music.

You are currently in front of the camera for “The Voice Kids”. What is special about working with children and can your daughter participate in this format?

Schölermann: This is a question I have been asking myself for years, before I became a father. And as funny as that was, that was always my goal: to do a show where I would send my child with a clear conscience. With a clear conscience I can answer this question with yes and I am very proud of the show and our team.

Can you imagine being in front of the camera again as an actor?

Schölermann: I prefer to leave acting to actors. I’m really out of practice, but if Hollywood knocks, I’ll just take acting courses again. You never stop learning!

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