This stroller never counts to three

No one trusts a whore, that was when Sylvester Stallone came to the small town for his first screen appearance as John Rambo. Strange that a similar man should have come to Margrave, Georgia, for a long-dead bluesman. When exactly that morning a brutal bloody act was committed. The killer is always the stranger, the station’s police officers agree at first, including Chief Detective Oscar Finlay (Malcolm Goodwin).

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“I like music,” is the only thing the newcomer says, who has no home and no cell phone, only a folding toothbrush, a French war medal and $ 212. He has to “come down” after being arrested at a dinner party before even biting his apple pie. Jack Reacher does not hire a lawyer. For what reason? He knows he is innocent.

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Alan Stitchson fits the character better than Tom Cruise

“Jack Reacher” sounds (at least if you murmur) as “creatures.” Reacher is, to be precise, a six-foot-tall creature created by writer Lee Child, the protagonist of his novels: Tom Cruise, definitely not a creature, was the MP’s first appearance for cinema. In 2012, directed by Christopher McQuarrie, Reacher came to the end of a murder fun and discovered the bad truth behind it. The real creature was then Werner Herzog as the villain Zek: Cruel mouth, a blind eye, Teutonic painted voice – he almost wanted to appear to us as a character from Edgar Wallace’s old films.

In 2016, Cruise came back to us with the character, this time directed by Edward Zwick, with whom he had already done The Last Samurai. In “Jack Reacher – No Way Back” the hero was ordered to Washington by his old employer, where he found the contact person arrested for treason, quickly suspected of killing himself and quickly found himself on the run. Run. Shoot. The war went like this. Tom Cruise, the decades-old and eternally sunny young man, showed the first signs that his best times are behind him.

“Titans” star Alan Ritchson has now slipped into the role of the Amazon series “Reacher”. The giant with the paws of the pan, biceps with bowling ball and square skull won 30 pounds for the role. He looks like a non-green Hulk and his laser vision makes lambs almost out of wolf contemporaries, as one of the first scenes shows. The Reacher opens the plastic handcuffs, as if they had drilling lines.

Reacher is also a man of descent

In creating Reacher, Lee Child wanted a hero without a gloomy cloud, without mental cracks, because he was upset against all the broken criminals of the newer genre literature. But Reacher also does it deductively. The man who is otherwise very talkative makes it clear to the chief detective that the killer is not a first-time offender and that a man who beats his victims after death can only be a psychopath. And then he also provides the chief of police with his detailed biography, including the degree of his popularity among his colleagues. Sherlock says hello – Reacher still has to go to jail first. There is a possible second culprit – the rich and self-confessed Hubble (Marc Bendavid) – but he could not be either.

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Why sentence Reacher and Hubble to life in prison? Apparently so that the hero can prove his strength. The first thing he does against the heavy dungeons that are attacking him is his skull-cracking trick – three punches to the back of the neck as well, and the black boss, babo, sinks exhausted into Morpheus’s arms.

Reacher – a superman without flight

Here unfolds a series with a superman who can not fly and whose only drawback is that he never really counts up to three before he hits, but always has the element of surprise when counting back to the villain or even everyone the group of perpetrators of an “Aryan Brotherhood” of the first premature blow. The confession admits that the people he works for forced him to confess to the murder, otherwise it would have been the next deceased himself. When Reacher then discovers that the dead person had an affair with him, he begins to seek answers.

Eight episodes of best entertainment by writer and presenter Nick Santora, filled with ingenuity, action and Willa Fitzgerald as clever cop Roscoe Conklin. You always know exactly what will happen next and you can get a beer while you are watching all the time without having to press the pause button. Here you can rely on the fact that the hero, whom trouble always finds, will eventually always pass towards the door, instead of lying on the ground or even dying.

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If after the (overwhelming) series “Mare of Easttown”, “The Undoing” or “Der Pass II” you just want to watch a stupid series without drama, a crime thriller after which you do not need antidepressants: “Reacher” is a choice good – pleasure without regret.

“Reacher”, first season, eight episodes, by Nick Santora, with Alan Ritchson, Willa Fitzgerald, Malcolm Goodwin, Bruce McGill (February 4 on Amazon Prime Video)

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