The time had come on April 30, 1987 at 8:00 pm: City History Culture: Music-Circus-Ruhr opened its ring 35 years ago.

Yes, you read that right, it really was 35 years ago. It’s hard to believe. I think many of us remember very well the opening of the Circus-Music-Ruhr and some will probably think again with melancholy. Sic transit gloria mundi. Two more articles will appear later. MCR from 1987 to 1996 and 2012 to 2017.

More information and beautiful photos are of course available from Music-Circus-Ruhr.

Here is the MCR.

It is the year 1987.

  • Clean the ring for Circus Music Ruhr.

On April 30, 1987, at 20:00, one of the most elaborate and sensational private projects in the field of culture started in Oberhausen and invited everyone to dance in May.
Many have been looking forward to this event.
Six months ago, a group of self-employed young people from Oberhausen and the surrounding area had worked on the circus project before the tent could be set up for a varied disco and live concert program. Circus Music Ruhr’s first hugely successful season ended on November 28, 1987.

The end of the first successful season is announced.  1987
  • In the last weeks before opening, the workload increased again.

To cope with the amount of work on time, 20 people worked 24 hours in the last weeks before opening. Everyone did their best. People have dragged materials, laid cables, installed lights, speakers, disco equipment and provided “circus-friendly” equipment. A few days before the opening, the smallest details were worked on again. Everything had to be in order: The predatory cage from which the clothing numbers were offered was now a cocktail cage. This is where the drinks are served for the guests, the approval is given by the fire department and the office of the building regulation.

Work on the opening of Circus Music Ruhr is in full swing.  Lindnerstrasse with station.  Looking straight at Sterkraderstraße today Konrad-Adenauer-Allee.  In the background our gasometer.  1987
The final preparations for the opening are in full bloom.  1987
  • Sponsors helped. The leases were signed.

The Busch-Roland Circus provided young entrepreneurs with a tent for the period from April 30 to October 31. Discussions were held with the city, a building permit was applied for, and a lease agreement was concluded with the city. The sponsors were a brewery and a liquor wholesaler.

  • Who were the boys behind this magnificent idea.

There were nine celebrities on stage through various activities and who had a brilliant idea in the year 1986. They gained experience on the concert stage in the center of Altenberg, in the crowded air house and in the Bolleke pub.

  • I can introduce. The initiators.

“Axel Schmitz, Olaf Hasenbein, Frank Weiner, Burkhard Sickelmann, Roland Weihrauch, Thorsten Sievert and Partner Music-Circus Ruhr GbR”

The initiators.

A “music circus” in the tent, with a disco and live concerts, these young entrepreneurs gave a new address in the summer months of 1987 when it came to entertainment, three days a week, for people from Oberhausen and other residents of the Ruhr area. By the end of October there were then discos or live concerts on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
Starting on April 30 with “Tanz in den Mai” and on May 4 the first culmination was a concert with “Godfather Of Soul”, the legendary singer James Brown. We know it was a tremendous success. Coincidentally, the organizers did not see themselves only as commercial providers, but, as pointed out in NRZ, they wanted to “make Oberhausen a little more attractive overall” in the anniversary year (125 years of Oberhausen).

  • What awaited us. Lots.

Get in, get in …
On April 30, 1987, a circus opened its doors, uh Manege, which was not actually a circus.
Not people, animals, sensations, but people, music and sensations were in the Ruhr Music Circus program. In this circus, the visitors were actors and public at the same time. The circus ring became a dance floor, the predatory cage a cocktail bar.
The focus was on music, whether from the turntable or the live stage, set in the right light by an 80,000 watt lighting system.

Knight disk Karsten Potschoka.  Karsten and Frank Weiner, lighting technicians, made sure the Ruhr music circus came out on the dance floor in the tech car.  1987

And then the feelings, the first was the appearance of James Brown. On May 4, the Godfather of the Soul had the honor of holding one of the few German concerts at the MCR. More sensational concert events were in preparation and many, many more points followed, as is well known.

MCR Program May 1987.

Circus tent with 4 pillars, 46 meters in diameter and 18 meters high,
heated as a disco and venue.
Estimated capacity: about 1500 people.
Predatory cage with integrated grass, cocktail cage
Scene 112 square meters
live scene
circus rostrum
permanently installed sound and lighting system
circus wagon
Sufficient sanitary facilities / garman
Restoration from crepes in fried Camembert
Beer garden (from June – earlier if Peter wishes)

Outside the MCR.

125 years Oberhausen had specified the location. As part of the city anniversary
Music-Circus-Ruhr placed an emphasis on the western area of ​​the Ruhr. The location was ideal, Lindnerstraße directly on the A42 / Emscherschnellweg, between the Oberhausen-Zentrum and Buschhausen exits. There was ample parking at the Niederrhein stadium.

Sitemap 1987.


Author: Historical Oberhausen, Martin Grundmann
Many thanks to WAZ / NRZ Funke Media Group.
I would like to thank the team at Stadtarchiv Oberhausen for their support.
My special thanks go to Mr. Uecker, employee of the Oberhausen city archive.

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