The monument in Fellheim should become a meeting place and a place of culture: On Saturday an event took place at the construction site during the renovation – news from Memmingen

On April 30, Fellheim becomes the basis for the ingoldair art project. What work is currently being done on the listed facility in the center of the village.

Culture is not only at home in cities, a number of initiatives are also taking place in rural areas: its promotion and making more visible is the concern of the newly established network “Cultural Nodes. Allgaeu“. A token of this will be given on Saturday, April 30, at an inaugural event in Fellheim. Because the fruit shop – or the association of the same name as the “Cultura Kulturveranstaltungen” association – is one of the five institutions involved in the network.

The monument and downtown Fellheim will be given a new life

Following its renovation, the building listed in Fellheim should again become an important point of contact and contribute to the revitalization of the city center. According to the concept, use responds flexibly to local and regional needs. The project of Dr. Veronika Heilmannseder with a lot of interest. That’s why the first public event is coming, even if the renovation is still in progress: the Fellheim cultural center will open.

“Allgäu Cultural Nodes” Campaign: Events on April 30th

This is part of the first joint action of the “Allgäu Cultural Nodes”: Participation in the artistic project “ingoldair” by Professor Res Ingold with the main theme “Flight”, which is designed differently from the individual nodes. According to Heilmannseder, at Saturday’s 17:00 event in Fellheim, a red sock from “ingoldair” will be affixed as an identification mark. The irritation this causes is intentional. According to Heilmannseder, artistic intervention uses disruptive elements to stimulate thoughts that go beyond the here and now. Music by jazz trumpeter Christian Grässlin is also on the program at the opening event, actress Katharina Kempter takes the theme of “Walpurgis Night” in short scenes and Heilmannseder introduces the idea of ​​”ingoldair”.

As a cultural center, Fruchtspeicher has the task of “accompanying the processes of social transformation in rural areas”, says Heilmannseder. It does not matter if it is climate change or political crises: Fruchtspeicher must provide a space to deal with how these changes affect life in the country and how they can be shaped. According to Heilmannseder, podium discussions, exhibitions and lectures can provide impetus in terms of content.

Digitalization and modern forms of work: a workspace in Fellheim

According to the project sponsor, part of the usage concept also reflects a change: the collaboration space uses modern forms to show how digitalization can be used to work in rural areas. Heilmannseder wants to operate the Fruchtpeicher as an “opportunity room” that offers individual groups on the ground the opportunity to develop their potential. As an example she brings women who, in addition to having families, do not want to lose touch with their work. Moreover, the monument is intended to be a “meeting, work and thought space” for the local population.

The association assists with preparations for the renovation of the fruit shop

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The project is supported by “Fruchtspeicher eV”, which will also organize individual events. According to Heilmannseder, volunteers are currently assisting with preparations for the renovation. Precious late Baroque-style roof tiles were removed by hand and preserved. Wood waste is also removed and stabilized for future construction work. It is also important that the emergency roof covering is kept in good condition. “This serves to facilitate the structure of the roof.” In the past she was affected because it rained on the building for years.

Work has begun on removing the plaster where the internal insulation will be made. Last but not least, it’s about the foundation. An expert conducted a probe with drilling cores four feet deep to make sure the building sits on good ground: So far, the walls of the former beer cellar have not been finished with earth. This will be suitable for new use.

Outlook: Fellheim becomes a subsidiary of “A7 Architecture Week”

  • participation: According to Dr. Veronika Heilmannseder will take part in the “Seventh Week of Architecture A7” entitled “City: Life” as a “temporary satellite”. The event of the Association of German Architects (BDA) takes place in Munich, but also extends to different regions. According to Heilmannseder, the aim is to introduce contemporary architecture themes to a wider social level.
  • Scheduled program: The main action in Fellheim on June 26 is a village walk through the alleys, on trails and small trails, during which the public space is explored on foot together with experts. The building and the cultural history of the country are highlighted at various stations. A hands-on campaign is also planned, in which visitors can enter their favorite hiking trails or walk on a large map at the fruit shop.

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