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For the next three months, the “Mess to Come” art exhibition can be admired in the exhibition area of ​​the Regensburg art and trade association. Some installations show ghost images and scenarios.

From 29 April to 24 July, you can see the “Mess that is to come” art exhibition at Ludwigstrasse 6 in Regensburg, from Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 until 18:00. Award-winning artists Felix Burger, Matthias Böhler and Christian Orendt created four major multimedia installations.

A manifestation of human endeavor for power and achievement

The three artists are organizing an extensive meta-installation consisting of several modified or newly created installations throughout the Art and Trade Association’s exhibition area in Regensburg. In these environments, the effects of the human struggle for power and achievement are manifested in a futuristic comic-dystopian darkness of ghost images and landscapes.

The focus is on people and their thinking

The concept of the exhibition, which was specially adapted to the premises of the art and trade association, was created in close collaboration between the three artists and is based on their joint project “A mess Carol, as shown by an honest overview” of the year 2013. / 2020, both thematically and atmospherically. The basic theme of the exhibition revolves around the question of what happens when people think they can run the world in a reasonable way and then absolutely fail in their actions.

The first exhibition of installations

With this exhibition format, the Kunst- und Gewerbeverein Regensburg eV is opening new ground in its more than 175-year history. For the first time, the Association of Arts and Crafts in Regensburg has commissioned the development and implementation of a concept exhibition consisting only of installations. At the same time, the association of Arts and Crafts honors three young artists, who in these ten years since the end of their studies, have dealt with social issues with great innovative power and great success and have used all artistic means in their work. artwork.

Each installation speaks for itself

  • In the installation “Old habits die hard” a large number of humanoid dolls in silver coveralls are exposed to techno-apparatus. The four screens behind them give voices to these puppets and turn them into complaining individuals, graphically depicting their personal afflictions such as fear, loneliness, and sexual dysfunction.
  • In contrast, the “Don’t be maybe” installation shows headless dolls in silver suits in a stylized gym. Short video sequences on tablet screens explain the various physical exercises that the characters simulate. The characters move and are controlled by converted sex machines. On a large screen behind it is also seen a video, in which two fighters try to injure each other between the legs. The mirrored walls make the viewers themselves part of the ensemble.
  • The Überung Performing Installation is a continuous series based on the fabrication of a secret society, the members of which are fully committed to the idea of ​​exponential growth. The figures use multicolored craft materials to create an ever-increasing number of multicolored idols, the shape of which is reminiscent of an exponential growth curve, the ideal of their capitalist relationship with the world.
  • The title of the exhibition refers to the latest installation in the exhibition “A mess Carol, as shown by an honest overview”. In this work, a necromance is staged in a dark room with the help of a seemingly improvised technical construction. In a “calling circle”, one of the three ghosts appears in a mirror every four minutes. In rhythmic litanies, the three beings rebuke the visitors of the exhibition for the mistakes that people have made in relation to the state of the world. Statements continue to escalate to take on completely absurd proportions like the “Mess that is to come” (the chaos that is yet to come) in the litany of the third spirit.

About artists

Felix Burger, born in Munich in 1982, studied fine arts in Munich, Vienna and Cologne. He was a member of the International Studio and Curatorial Program in New York and at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam.
Matthew Boehlerborn in Aachen in 1981, and Christian Orendt, born in Sighisoara (Romania) in 1980, have worked together since 2008. They have studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (Böhler) and the HGB in Leipzig ( Orendt). They received the Bavarian Art Promotion Award and a work grant from the Kunstfonds Foundation.

About the Arts and Crafts Association

As one of the oldest art associations in Germany, founded in 1838, it has always been committed to the original purpose of its statute, the promotion and communication of the figurative and applied arts. Of course, his self-image has changed over this long period of time. The Regensburg Arts and Commerce Association sees itself today as a place to communicate current developments in the fine arts and applied in their various forms. The exhibition program with about 6 to 7 exhibitions per year shows a clear profile and, in cooperation with the institutions of the urban cultural society, includes the presentation of new positions in contemporary art alongside various thematic and individual exhibitions.

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