The internal report describes a bad image of the delightful esports team and its egomaniac boss

In League of Legends, Reginald “Andy” Dinh is actually a crazy success story. The 30-year-old is considered to be the brains of the success of the biggest American team in LoL, “SoloMid Theme” – but this image has now finally been destroyed. An internal Washington Post report paints a bleak picture of the workplace of Team SoloMid and its CEOs. He should stop people asking him unpleasant questions.

Who is it about?

  • Reginald “Andy” Dinh is the founder and CEO of “Team SoloMid”, which is the most successful and somewhat delightful team in the US in League of Legends. They also have most of the money. E-sports superstars like Bjergsen, Dyrus or Doublelift have been playing at TSM for years. In June 2021, Reginald secured the team a mega deal with a $ 210 million cryptocurrency exchange.
  • In fact, TSM was always a crazy success story: “game culture” was mastered there, they were deeply rooted in games, they shaped the whole culture with memes and a clear picture. TSM was the “team that understood the games” and the success showed it right.
  • But for several months, the house blessing on Team SoloMid has been completely wrong: many celebrities have left the team, LoL is not working at all, Riot launched an investigation against boss Reginald Dinh in January 2022 and now a real yes a bad report appears.

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The internal report talks about the “culture of terror” and the toxic workplace

Where does the report get its resources from? The Washington Post says they spoke with employees at TSM and Blitz, another Reginald company. However, most staff want to remain anonymous for fear of being punished by Dinh (via Washingtonpost).

What are the charges against Dinh? Dinh was said to be humorous and unpredictable. Those who opposed him were often fired within a few days. People were really scared to give him bad news because then he would get angry and put people down in front of the whole crew or even fire them.

The employee was fired for 2 questions that Reginaldi did not like

The Washington Post tells a story from March 2021. At that time, following the allegations against Dinh, a new employee was hired in the human resources department to give the impression that he was really making a difference and taking care of employee concerns.

However, just weeks after he was hired, Dinh fired him. A staff member says at a meeting, Dinh explained why the person was fired:

Andy told the whole company that the person was fired because they asked a question he did not like. I think he later realized how stupid he seemed, so he added, well, he asked two questions that I did not like. No one had any questions afterwards.

Dinh is said to have spread a culture of “fear” and “terror”.

It was absurd how many vice presidents he had fired, often for no apparent reason. This caused the projects to get confused again and again.

The main team in German LoL apparently has a completely different work culture:

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At first it was great working in esports – then came the burning

What else is he accused of? The SoloMid team also reportedly had a bad culture of hiring people only as contract workers, putting them in a worse position than salaried employees, even though it is against California law, which makes the practice extremely difficult.

Although one of the sources says: Well, permanent employees could be laid off even with a flick of a finger. Permanent employees did not have that much security either.

One employee says she initially saw the job in the sport super exciting. But this quickly calmed down:

It was exciting at first when I was young and happy to work at eSports. But the longer this went on, the more I felt burning and that I was broken.

He finally asked his boss if he could not find a permanent job, but he said he had to try his luck in the open market. Go on, there will be someone who will do his job for the money.

Reginald says: He is simply passionate, driven, intense

What does Dinh say? Reginald himself says in a statement to the Washington Post:

I have extremely high expectations of myself and I share those high expectations with everyone I work with. I have zero tolerance for poor performance. I am intense, passionate, driven and relentless in my passion to win – that’s my nature. I set extremely high standards and when I feel someone is doing it, I am direct and clear with my comments.

I admit: Looking back, my choice of words was very harsh and ineffective. I know I have to work on my communication and I am working on how to talk to my team and those around me. I fully support the independent investigations that are already underway and will gladly follow any recommendations from investigators.

This is after her: This discussion has been going on for a long time. She stood up when the Twitch Doublelift broadcaster hit Reginald, portraying him as a “school thug” with whom no one confused.

Doublelift was then – of course – fired by TSM.

Probably Reginald’s biggest critic: This is Doublelift, a LoL legend.

What is interesting is that the system seems to have “functioned” somewhat for 13 years before it completely collapsed in 2022. Because it has long been known how difficult Dinh is. There are videos of how he literally ended up with professional players from his team in front of the camera (via youtube).

When things “went well” they said: Dinh be so. He does not say bad, he is extremely ambitious and a gamer and gets the best out of everyone. The videos would create a bad look, in fact everyone is good friends.

But in recent months, that seems to have changed completely: virtually all the key people and key performers have left TSM. Apparently the Reginald system collapsed.

Following the allegations from Doublelift and the current report, it is difficult to see where this is going.

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