“The Hexentanzplatz – The Walpurgis Night Missing” on live broadcast and TV MDR: Episode 280 of the regional documentary

The regional documentary “The Hexentanzplatz – The Missing People of Walpurgis Night” will be televised today, April 30, 2022. Here you will find all the details of today’s broadcast including live broadcast and reproduction. The next TV dates of The Hexentanzplatz – The Missing of Walpurgis Night are also listed.

Today, April 30, 2022, is on television “Witch Dance Square – Walpurgis Night Missing People”. If you do not want to miss the regional documentary, you need to tune in early. Turn on MDR: Let’s start the broadcast at 11:45 p.m. If you prefer to watch digital TV, MDR also has a live webcast.

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Today’s program is “The Hexentanzplatz – The Missing Walpurgis of the Night”, which can be seen live and on television.

Walpurgis Night takes place at Hexentplatz in the Harz Mountains. The rocky plateau above Bodetal turns into a place of myths and magic every year on April 30th. On the most mystical night of the year, the location enchants tens of thousands. But stories are not just sagas and legends. Amazing things are happening now. someone missing unlucky or unlucky? In a new episode of “The East – Discover Where You Live” we accompany Andy Dube in his search for his father and discover a place that has changed over the years, but one thing has remained the same: one of the points Germany’s most famous. . The Hexentplatz, set 450 meters high on a granite cliff, offers spectacular views of the equally famous Thale, Harz and Rosstrappe on the other side of the valley. In the middle is Bodetal, a rugged rocky landscape that is hard to bypass and cut deep into the rock. People disappear without a trace or suffer accidents while walking. Siegfried Sokolowski, Andy Dube’s father, has been missing since 1985 when he moved to Hexentplatz. More than 30 years later, his son meets Gerhard Zobigun, the head of security police in Quedlinburg until 1990, who coordinated the search for his father at the time. Andy Dube hopes to extract information from him that will shed light on his father’s disappearance. The mountain rescue team was called in to search for Siegfried Sokolowski. One of the volunteer mountain rescuers since then, Michael Winkler, meets the missing man’s son today and tries to resolve the issue. In this search for data, it becomes clear how Hexentanzplatz and the festivals that take place there have evolved over time. (MDR, through FUNKE programs)

Today, regional documentaries such as “The Hexentplatz – The Disappearance of Walpurgis Night” can be seen on television.

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Replay of “Witch Dance Square – The disappearance of Walpurgis’s night” on MDR television and online.

If you can not get to “Der Hexentanzplatz – Die Missen der Walpurgisnacht” at 11:45 am today, check out the MDR media library. This means that various TV reports are available online as video on demand – even after the first broadcast on television. On May 1, 2022 around 5:55 am, MDR broadcasts “Der Hexentplatz – The disappearance of the Walpurgis Night”. After the show airs on TV, you can usually find it online as well. Unfortunately, this is not the case with all programs.

Today on TV: “Witch Dance Square – The disappearance of Walpurgis overnight”

Date: 30.04.2022

in: MDR

Episodes: 280

Year of construction: 2018

30 minutes (from 11:45) (12:15 pm to 12:15 pm)

HD: Yes

More episodes of “The Witches’ Square – The Walpurgis Nightmare” are available on Netflix.

You can find out when and where the new episodes of “The Witches’ Dance Ground – The Disappeared People in Walpurgis Night” will be televised here:

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