Environment – Floating time bomb: Oil spill threatens Yemen shores – knowledge

Sanaa / Den Haag (dpa) – The cistern looks spooky. The 350-meter-long colossus floats neglected off the coast of Yemen, rust has eaten into the reddish-brown steel. Inside Safer: 1.1 million barrels of crude oil and thus an amount that could cover the Red Sea and its shores with black mud for hundreds of kilometers … Read more

Energy – EU Commission calls for oil embargo against Russia – Economy

Brussels / Strasbourg / Meseberg (dpa) – The German economy and consumers need to adjust to the ban on Russian oil imports from the EU and higher prices. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen presented a proposal for a comprehensive embargo Wednesday to further weaken Russia’s war against Ukraine. Oil prices and, consequently, fuel … Read more

Real costs and consumption: BMW 223i Active Tourer

The new edition of the big 2er comes as 223i with 218 hp. How much does the model consume and how much does it cost in daily life. “In the second generation, the Active Tourer adds a lot of new features to the basic virtues of a practical everyday vehicle that is not extremely spacious, … Read more

Real costs and consumption: Skoda Fabia 1.0 TSI Style

Is a small check with a 95-horsepower turbocharged petrol engine affordable? We have measured and calculated. “The excellent Fabia not only offers a lot of space at the lowest price. It drives and brakes like a big one. Only three weak cylinders tarnish the sure victory.” In the comparative test of three small cars, the … Read more