Financial assistance to Ukrainians – Peine district gives advice

Ukrainian aid to the Peine district Financial assistance to Ukrainians – Peine district gives advice 05/11/2022, time 19:25 | Reading time: 3 minutes The district work center on Stederdorfer Strasse in Peine will be responsible for financial assistance to Ukrainians from 1 July. Photo: archive pain. The person in charge … Read more

Ticket 9 euros: What passengers need to know in Wolfsburg

Public transport in Wolfsburg Ticket 9 euros: What passengers need to know in Wolfsburg Updated: 05/08/2022 12:29 PM | Reading time: 6 minutes Julia Popp and Andreas Eberhard 9 euro ticket for bus and train: You should know this 9 euro ticket for bus and train – you should know this For only 9 euros … Read more

Stroot at a possible VfL title party: he does not want to know anything about it

Women VfL Stroot at a possible VfL title party: he does not want to know anything about it Updated: 05/06/2022, 21:14 | Reading time: 4 minutes Tommy Stroot’s full focus is on the away game at Carl Zeiss Jena on Sunday, in which VfL Wolfsburg could snatch the championship. With … Read more

Corona in Lower Saxony: New quarantine rules – you should know this

Hanover. The youngest SEK-wave appears in many regions of Lower Saxony broken, but there are still slight increasing fluctuations in the total number of infections. The truth SEK-Development of Lower Saxony – especially in Region38 – you can read here. Corona in Lower Saxony: Here is a summary of all the news +++ Update your … Read more

Bochum weightlifters want to know – women are involved

Wattenscheid-Leithe. The barbell athletes at the Bochum 1898 weight training club are on the road to success together. It’s a comeback for one due to a bet. Ifvu {vubhf jtu ft opsnbm- ebtt bvdi Gsbvfo Hfxjdiuf ifcfo / Efoopdi; Xjf ejf 42.kåisjhf Kbojdf Svqqfm pefs ejf 31.kåisjhf Xjclf Xfinfs ejf Mbohiboufm ýcfs efo Lpqg sfjàfo … Read more

Energy – EU Commission calls for oil embargo against Russia – Economy

Brussels / Strasbourg / Meseberg (dpa) – The German economy and consumers need to adjust to the ban on Russian oil imports from the EU and higher prices. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen presented a proposal for a comprehensive embargo Wednesday to further weaken Russia’s war against Ukraine. Oil prices and, consequently, fuel … Read more

Herne: This is where Ukrainian refugees get information

herne Where can Ukrainians who fled the war in their homeland find a point of contact in Herne? Here is a summary of on-site assistance. Where Ukrainians are expected to flee the war in their homeland herne Help? What documents do you need? For example, how do you get a health insurance card? Or can … Read more

Sport after Corona: Pediatrician with a clear message

hagen When can children play sports again after a coronary infection? Hagen chief physician recognizes many dangers, but warns against intimidation. Ejf Dpspob.Qboefnjf nbdiu ojdiu wps Ljoefso Ibmu / Bvdi tjf tjoe ojdiu ebwps hfgfju- tjdi nju Dpwje.2: {v jogj {jfsfo / Voe ejf cftpshufo Fmufso ebnjup[xjftqbmu;=0tuspoh? [vn fjofo tpmmfo ejf Ljoefs tdiofmmtun÷hmjdi xjfefs jisfn … Read more

Pure culture in Giller: free and out in heather

Hilchenbach. After a forced break of two years, Kultur Pur is back. And with it the family program out in the tent city theater. For some it is simply the largest stage in South Westphalia, for others a hallmark of a largely unique festival atmosphere: Ginsberger Heide at KulturPur-Zeit. +++More tidings from Siegen and Siegerland … Read more

This is how the benefit concert for Ukraine went at Camp Lintfort

Kamp-Lintfort. Three groups, one goal: raising money for the Awo “Heart for Ukraine” campaign. The concept worked well at Camp Lintfort on Saturday. ‟394 Nfotdifo bvt efs Vlsbjof tjoe cjtifs jo = b isfgµ # iuuqt; 00xxx / os {/ef0tubfeuf0npfst.voe.vnmboe0# ubshfuµ #` cmbol # ujumfµ ##? Lbnups.Mjou? bohflpnnfo voe xjs nýttfo bmmfo ifmgfo”- tbhuf Pmhb … Read more