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The Hamburg International Music Festival kicked off with Haydn’s masterpiece “The Creation” and choreography with the drone “Breaking Waves”.

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by Daniel Kaiser

This creation really has light, color and life. If you know how trivial Haydn may sound when you play him carelessly, this evening is a real event. Alan Gilbert does the magic in opening Hamburg International Music Festival with NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra and NDR Vocal Ensemble Tension, poetry and ingenuity in masterpiece.

Joseph Haydn’s “Creation”: As with Hagenbeck

Rarely has the first sunrise in world history been cast in such romantically beautiful sounds. Despite all the festivities, the creation event comes to life at the Elbphilharmonie as an afternoon at Hamburg’s Hagenbeck Zoo: roaring lions run through the orchestra, wild deer run and wild streams overflow.

British tenor Benjamin Hulett is a banker – with charm and charm he brings the days of creation to the brink of collapse. A few deep passages written more about a bass are a challenge for the famous (surprisingly blond) baritone Benjamin Appl. In lyrical and song-like pieces, especially in duets with soprano Christina Landshamer, Appl reaches up to operating temperature. And did not Landshamer roll her eyes especially flirtatiously and ironically when she made Eva sing the first man’s para-feminist manifesto: “Obeying you brings me joy, happiness and fame”? In the end there is a lot of applause and cheers for this all-round successful “creation”.

Drones jump ballet lightly

Illuminated drones fly over the Elbe opposite the Elbphilharmonie as part of the opening of the Hamburg Music Festival.  © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Georg Wendt

As part of the opening of the Hamburg Music Festival, the Dutch artistic duo Drift is showing the light installation “Breaking Waves”.

Outside the port of Hamburg it was light again. Hundreds of illuminated drones fly around the Elbphilharmonie. Thousands of people have come, gathered together along the harbor, over bridges and pontoons and follow with great emotion the light figures of the “Breaking Waves” project. Precisely programmed drones move like a light ballet on piano music from the anniversary concert in January. Dots of light sometimes float along the facade of the Elbphilharmonie like a curtain, sometimes rising up like a figure at the top of the concert hall.

Magic minutes in port

However, the music did not always work perfectly. The drones of the Dutch artistic group DRIFT are supposed to “dance” the slow movement of the piano concerto of the British composer Thomas Adès. However, not everyone in the audience manages to connect to the Elbphilharmonie website to listen to music there. Some are flocking to the few phones with connections. Soft music can also be heard from the barges on the Elbe to the swaying pontoons. It is quiet on bridges and piers during performance. Everyone is focused on the Elf. There are magical minutes in the harbor.

Particleless fireworks

However, after a good ten minutes, it is already over. Undoubtedly, not everyone was caught by the short magic. Some are disappointed and had waited longer after the spectacular advertising images, but most have been touched by this sensual, poetic and low-fireworks display. The kinetic work of art will be repeated over the next three evenings at 10:30 p.m.

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Colorful dishes in the courtyard of the Elbphilharmonie © Claudia Höhne

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Drones illuminated by the Drift artist duo fly in formation "Breaking the waves" on the Elbe opposite the Elbphilharmonie as part of the opening of the Hamburg Music Festival.  © Georg Wendt / dpa +++ dpa photo radio +++ Photo: Georg Wendt

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Kiev Symphony Orchestra © Dmytro Larin Photo: Dmytro Larin

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