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Eurovision Song Contest: This is what the German participants did

Nicole campaigned for peace and Guildo loved it all: the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) inspires fans all over the world. We provide the most important facts about this year’s 2022 edition and the history of the Schlager Festival.

This festival brought Trier to the top titles in 1998: Horst Köhler, alias Guildo Horn, caused a stir around the traditional music festival in his hometown and Germany with his participation in the Grand Prix d’Eurovision or Eurovision Song Contest – even if was not enough to win in the end should. Will the current candidate Malik Harris manage to get the maximum of 24 points per state this time? We provide the most important facts about ESC.

What is happening?

Eurovision Song Contest. The music competition has been running since 1956, and with the exception of 2020 (corona pandemic) every year.

Who is the organizer?

European Broadcasting Union, abbreviated EBU. It is an association of 115 radio and television stations today in 56 countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

What is the importance of ESC?

It is a world-renowned show: According to organizers, in 2021 180 million people attended. ESC is not limited to Europe: there is also a fan community in Australia, which is why the fifth continent was invited to the competition in 2015.

Where and when does it take place?

This year’s ESC edition will be celebrated in Turin, Italy. Two semifinals will take place on May 10th and 12th, ahead of the current Saturday evening final, on May 14th.

And where can I watch the show?

Saturday, May 14, from 9pm at ARD. All broadcast dates can be found on this page.

Why is ESC taking place in Italy?

Because the Italian group “Maneskin” won the 2021 edition of the ESC. So Siegerland is hosting the next ESC. It is not always common to run again with the same candidates. But there have always been exceptions, like German singer Lena after her ESC victory or Katja Ebstein, who represented Germany three times between 1970 and 1980.

The hit competition was once called “Grand Prix d’Eurovision” …

Exactly, but since 1992 it is known as “Eurovision Song Contest”. The French name has lost its meaning and is no longer officially used.

Who participates in the ESC?

Each participating country nominates a representative: solo singer or a group. In 1956 there were seven participants. In Turin 2022 there are 40 participants (including Australia). Significant growth began after the end of the Cold War in 1989/1990. Until then, the ESC was limited to Western European countries.

Will Russia also be part of ESC 2022?

nr The Eastern European country was excluded from this year’s competition due to the invasion of Ukraine (live ticker at

Who will represent Germany at ESC 2022?

German-American singer Malik Harris. The 24-year-old won the German preliminary round. His song is called “Rockstars”.

Why are there two preliminary rounds?

Two semifinals were introduced in 2004 due to the large number of participating countries. With the exception of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom and the respective host country, all ESC aspirants must participate in these two preliminary rounds. The top ten participants in each of the semifinal rounds advance to the current “final” next Saturday.

Germany, twelve points. L`Allemagne, douze point: How is it evaluated?

Each participating country appoints a jury that gives its predetermined number of points to the other participants (its representative cannot be judged). The range extends from one to twelve famous points. In addition, since 1998, viewers have also been able to vote for their favorites by a maximum of twelve points, in the form of phone calls, text messages or the Internet. The same thing applies here: the representative of your country is not in the election.

How many times has Germany won the ESC?

Exactly … twice. In 1982, Nicole won the hit trophy for the first time in Harrogate, MB, with “a little peace” and a guitar in hand. But then it would take 27 years for 19-year-old Lena Meyer-Landrut to get more points again. Her song was called “Satellite”, and it was in 2020. Since then, Germany has been waiting for another victory.

How well did Germany do in the ESC?

With the exception of 1996 (no participation), Germany was always represented and won the ESC twice (see above). In 2018 Michael Schulte came in fourth place, in 1999 Sürpriz climbed to third place. But repeatedly it was not enough for the middle ground either: in 2015 and 2016 Ann Sophie and Jamie-Lee finished last, the first getting no points. Last year, then-26-year-old Jendrik Sigwart competed and won three points with the song “I Don’t Feel Hate”, which was enough for the penultimate place.

No one knows these ESC participants …

This is not true. Even today, well-known and well-known performers have walked the history of ESC. An example is the Swedish group Abba. Or the Austrian Udo Jürgens, who started his world career with the victory in Luxembourg (!) In 1966. Germany was also represented by TV presenter Stefan Raab, pop singers Lena Valaitis, Katja Ebstein (both took second place in the previous two years success of Nicole) and Joy Fleming – or in the 1980s by the group Dschingis Kahn.

And Guildo Horn?

The new trio brought his hometown (and Germany) to the headlines with his participation in 1998 – and the hit festival, which seemed slow at the time, began. In the end it was enough for 7th place and made a star from Guildo.

Who holds the record for ESC victories?

Surprisingly, none of the big countries: the Irish singers have won the ESC seven times, followed by Sweden (six wins). On the other hand, countries like Romania, Poland and Georgia have never been at the top.

Who won ESC 2021?

The ESC took place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The Italian group Maneskin received the most points.

Where will the next 2023 ESC take place?

We will find out on Saturday night. Maybe then in Germany?

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All information about ESC 2022: This is what Germany did in the Grand Prix hit race

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