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On April 21, 2022, at 15:21, Siltronic was listed on the Xetra home stock exchange for 95.2 EUR. Our team of analysts analyzed Siltronic based on this market assessment. A total of 8 factors lead to individual ratings such as “Buy”, “Keep” or “Sell”. From this, an overall assessment is determined in the last step.

1. Basic: The most important indicator for the basic analysis is the price / profit ratio (P / E). On this basis, Siltronic, with a value of 11.55, is significantly cheaper than the average in the “Semiconductor and Semiconductor Devices” sector and is therefore undervalued. The industry P / E is 36.77, which accounts for a gap of 69 percent. Therefore, we classify the title as a “buy” recommendation.

2. Dividend: At Siltronic, the dividend-to-share price ratio is currently 3.08. This results in a negative difference of -11.72 percent compared to the average of comparable companies in the “semiconductor and semiconductor equipment” sector. Therefore, our analysts today gave Siltronic a “sell” rating for this dividend policy.


3. Analyst rating: Analysts currently rate Siltronic stock as “Hold”. This rating consists of 0 “buy”, 3 “hold” and 0 “sell” ratings that have been submitted in the last twelve months. There are no analyst updates for Siltronic from last month. Based on the analysts’ average price forecast (146.67 euros), the security has an increasing potential of 54.06 percent (based on the last closing price, 95.2 euros), which corresponds to the “buy” recommendation. Overall, Siltronic gets a “buy” rating for this part of the analysis.

4. Sector Comparison Stock Price: Compared to the average annual performance of stocks from the same sector (“information technology”), Siltronic is more than 60 percent below this with a return of -26.89 percent. The “semiconductor and semiconductor equipment” industry has an average return of 49.29 percent over the last 12 months. Here too Siltronic is significantly lower at 76.18 percent. This stock performance over the past year leads to a “sell” rating in this category.

5. Investors: Over the past two weeks, Siltronic has been rated particularly positively by mostly private users on social media. This is the conclusion our editorial team comes to when evaluating the various comments and speaking requests that have addressed this value over the past two weeks. Also, in recent days mostly positive topics related to value were addressed. In summary, we believe that investor sentiment at this level guarantees a buy rating. In addition, the editors also filtered out exactly calculable signals and finally found 5 sales signals. Therefore, we assign a “sale” recommendation for this rating. Therefore, measuring investor sentiment generates an overall “buy” rating.


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6. Feeling and noise: Siltronic can also be monitored and evaluated for a longer period of time in terms of the number of contributions (intensity of discussion) and the degree of mood change. This makes it possible to draw interesting conclusions about the long-term state of mind of recent months. Specifically: The section has generated increased internet activity. This indicates a high level of discussion intensity and requires a “buy” rating. The rate of mood change was quite good, a positive change could be identified, which corresponds to an assessment as a “purchase” value. Therefore, the overall rating for Siltronic in this regard is: “Buy”.

7. Technical Analysis: A look at the technical development of a stock using the moving average can be used to determine the current trend of the security. Let’s look at the moving average of the Siltronic stock closing price over the last 200 trading days. This value is currently 126.08 euros. So, the last closing price (95.2 euros) is significantly lower (difference -24.49 percent). On this basis, we rate the stock as “sell”. What does this calculation look like if you determine the moving average based on the last 50 trading days? For this value (97.48 euros), the final closing price is close to the moving average (-2.34 percent). Therefore, in this case, the Siltronic stock is valued differently, namely a “hold” rating. For this reason, the Siltronic stock (daily updated rating) is given a “hold” rating in general for the simple chart technique.

8. Relative Strength Index: For stocks, technical analysis also looks at the ratio of up and down movements in a price over time and presents this for a 7-day period in the Relative Strength Index. Based on this so-called RSI, Siltronic is currently trading at 25.07. Therefore, this signal is rated Buy. The 25-day moving average (RSI25) gives the stock a readout of 49.81. This is considered a signal that the stock is considered neither overpriced nor overpriced. Therefore, the rating on this basis is “Hold”. Overall, this results in a “Buy” rating for RSI.

As a result, the Siltronic stock received a “Hold” rating (taking into account all 8 rating factors).

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