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At the Hamburg Theater Festival, the guest performance of the Berlin ensemble “Diener Zweier Herren” shines in the Reeperbahn: it transforms Goldon’s classics with cowboy and humor into a gentle evening.

by Katja Wise

The 14th Hamburg Theater Festival opened this weekend at the St. Petersburg Theater. Pauli with the guest performance of the Berliner Ensemble. Antú Romero Nunes, director directing at the Thalia Theater until 2019, released his version of Goldon’s “Servant of Two Masters” there in the fall of 2021 – with an ensemble of five actors.

Lisa Hagmeister is on behalf of a sick colleague from Berlin

It is not always a good sign if the director wants to say something before the show starts. That’s why the audience at the packed Theater St. Pauli gasped when Oliver Reese from the Berliner Ensemble took the stage. One of the actresses fell ill within a short time. Rest. But – smile – Lisa Hagmeister from the Thalia Theater, who has worked hard there with Antú Romero Nunes, has agreed to intervene. Big applause.

The servant of the two masters (Stefanie Reinsberger) looks like a big kid.

Stefanie Reinsperger plays the maidservant of two gentlemen: The short blonde curls swell from under the hat, the wide smile, the bright eyes, in her arms she holds a toy lamb on wheels – a big baby.

The evening is held in a kind of English-English

From the stage she asks, “Do you hear me?” Of course the public can hear them. Can also read words in German captions. Because the whole evening is held in a kind of English-English. That was different. “The mockery of American English was very well done,” said one visitor.

Goldon’s classic comedy with women like cowboys

Nunes portrays Goldon’s comedy very loosely as a western, with women as cowboys. But what kind! Big teeth, fake stuck in mouth, fluff on head can hardly be called hair: “It seemed unbelievable to me because I could not distinguish the original. This is wonderful sometimes. When something is done completely differently than actually expected “, I thought it was wonderful”, says a happy visitor.

Everyone has fun – including the ensemble. Just the button in the ear reveals Lisa Hagmeister, which makes her fantastic! Constanze Becker, who plays both servants of the servant, says that being a man is safer and somewhat ridiculous: “Being a man is safer and a kind of fun.”

“Servants of two masters”: Difficult topics with great ease

scenes outside "Servant of the two gentlemen".  © Ensemble JR Berliner

“Servants of the two gentlemen”: The guest performance of the Berliner Ensemble in Hamburg shines with humor, gentleness and a brilliant ensemble.

It is wonderful how gender roles are piled and questioned, how difficult topics – foreigners, the homeless, violations – are easily negotiated, how history is preserved at its core and yet told in a completely different way. Sometimes, though, Nunes takes it too far.

The audience celebrated the light-footed opening of the Hamburg Theater Festival. “Even in difficult and depressing times, it’s important to laugh,” says director Nikolaus Besch, explaining his decision to launch the production.

He and his team have invited five other productions, in almost all of them starring famous actors and actresses: Birgit Minichmayr and Bibiana Beglau fight in a duel in Schiller’s “Maria Stuart”, Ulrich Matthes is Moliere’s “Menschenfeind”, Tobias Moretti is part. of Sartre’s “Closed Society” Nina Hoss, Burkhart Klaußner and Jens Harzer can also experience, and unlike previous years There are still tickets for all the shows. The Hamburg Theater Festival runs until 4 June.

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scenes outside "Servant of the two gentlemen".  © Ensemble JR Berliner

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