Series recommendations for the week of May 1, 2022

“The Wilds” continues on May 5 on Amazon Prime Video.image: amazon

Sophia Sehermann

With broadcast providers there are again many new and excellent series. To make your choice easier, we have selected the most exciting new publications and best classics for the week from April 29th to May 6th.

Be it documentaries, sitcoms, puzzle thrillers or anything in between: you will find exactly the right series and movies in the Watson series guide!



New on Netflix, you can watch the new Swedish crime comedy series “Clark” from May 5th. Bill Skarsgård (known as “It”) plays bank robber and hostage-taker Clark Olofsson, after whom the famous “Stockholm Syndrome” is named. In the early 1970s, Olofsson robbed a bank and held hostages for over 130 hours. However, since he is so charismatic and the hostages are in an extraordinary psychological situation, they sympathize with the young man. Jonas Åkerlund, who is known for his music videos for Rammstein, but also for pop stars like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Taylor Swift, directs “Clark”.


From May 4 you can watch the 4th season of the reality show “The Circle” on Netflix. In it, ten candidates compete against each other in a race for popularity. Special: They are allowed to communicate with each other only through social media. They are free to compete as themselves or create a fake profile in the hope of appearing more likable. Every day a candidate has to go and be revealed to the other players. There are always shocking surprises.

Amazon Prime Video


Almost a year and a half after the first season, there are finally supplies for “The Wilds” fans: From May 6 it will be the second season on Amazon Prime Video. A group of girls are trapped on a desert island after their plane crashed. Initially, the youngsters were on their way to a retreat. Girls could not be different, the only thing they have in common is that they all have problems that aggravate them mentally. On the lonely island they have to fight for their survival every day. Then “The Wilds” takes the road “Lost” and comes out: On the island is a second group of teenagers. Could all this be a coincidence?

Disney +

“Finding Alice”

You can watch the new British drama series “Finding Alice” on Disney + from May 4th. This is what it’s all about: One day after they moved into their new dream home, Alice’s husband, Harry, dies falling down the stairs. He designed the house himself and now Alice has to live in it with her teenage daughter Charlotte as a widow. As she weeps, more and more mysteries are revealed. So Harry had debts that Alice did not know. And one more thing: suddenly a young man appears who claims to be Harry’s son from a previous relationship. Alice has more and more doubts whether Harry’s death was really an accident.


“Alien resident”

Now you can watch on Sky the second season of the science-fiction series “Resident Alien”. An alien lands on Earth after his spaceship was struck by lightning. There he kills forensic pathologist Harry Vanderspeigle and takes his form and identity. However, the longer he travels on earth in human form, the more human his feelings become. He actually befriends Harry’s friends and family and even goes on to work as a doctor. However, he was sent to Earth to exterminate humanity, which he no longer wants to do. But how long can he stagnate his birth planet?

Comedian Faisal Kawusi caused a stir last week when he threatened to kill musician Silvi Carlsson on Instagram. On Wednesday evening, the 30-year-old appeared on the show “Stern TV” on RTL and apologized for this statement. However, his attempts at explanation were harshly criticized by those affected on Twitter during and after the show.

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