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The Real Madrid seniors walk surprisingly easily towards their 35th league title. But now they want more – and at the championship party in front of 150,000 fans they addressed aggressive words towards England.

At the end of the championship party at the Cibeles fountain in the center of Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti made the 150 thousand Real fans cheer once again.

The former Bayern coach, otherwise a fairly quiet representative of his guild, bravely gave the attack for the next big title. “Now let’s take City!” the 62-year-old shouted at supporters. “A por el City!” They sang until early in the morning.

Ancelotti was the first coach to win the championship in the top five leagues in Europe four games before the end of the season with the 4-0 victory over Espanyol Barcelona and now must continue the fourth triumph in the Champions League. The team around former world champion Toni Kroos, who remained in the background at the party, wants to make up for the second 3: 4 match against Manchester City on Wednesday. And if anyone had reason to be optimistic and a little stubborn, it was Ancelotti.

The 62-year-old completed his collection of titles: after championships in Italy with AC Milan, England with Chelsea, France with Paris Saint-Germain and Germany with FC Bayern. Munich Don Carlo now also won the Primera División. A title he was denied during his first stay at Real Madrid from 2013 to 2015.

Ancelotti, head coach

“I’m very touched,” said the man from northern Italy, who discovered his recipe for success a few years ago in his Quiet Leadership biography. He is considered a master of people and group leaders and has already won first class three times as coach with AC Milan (2003 and 2007) and in 2014 with Real. “Winning titles with Real Madrid is something very special and I want to get more,” he said.

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Primera Division

Real Madrid again the early champion of Spain

The final title victory is not a matter of course. The position of the Spanish champions record in the Primera División can not be compared with that of their German counterpart FC Bayern Munich, which has won the Bundesliga ten times in a row. The “Whites” have won the league seven times in the last 25 years. And this season Madrid entered the race without any noticeable reinforcement and with a starting eleven that has been going on for years.

Real old man at a more mature footballer age

Top leaders like Karim Benzema (34), Luka Modric (36), Kroos (32), Dani Carvajal (30), Casemiro (30), Thibaut Courtois (29), Marcelo (33) and former Munich David Abala ( 29) are all mature footballers. Only a few younger players were able to place accents: Militao (24), Federico Valverde (23), Vinicius (21) and Rodrygo (21), who is mainly used as a joker.

Perhaps because the easy walk to the title before the start of the season was not expected and was a big task ahead, there were more fans in Cibeles Square than ever before at the title party. Real had won a league title since 1990.

After traveling through the capital in an open bus, Captain Marcelo traditionally put a club flag around his neck and a Real scarf around the statue of the Greek queen Cybele. In the tune of ‘We are the champions’, ‘La Cibeles’ also received a cheek kiss from the Brazilian – who won his 24th title with the club, surpassing Gento as the club’s most successful professional. “Campeonísimo” (Supermeister) was the front page headline of “AS” – and immediately called for a “European reference”.

Marcelo, Kroos, who wrote on Instagram with “Very proud of the whole team! Extraordinary season!” wrote, Benzema & Co. they know: “In Madrid, successes last as long as the trip from the Bernabéu to Cibeles Square”, as “AS” wrote. The car takes almost 15 minutes for five kilometers. The demands of fans, club executives and the media are higher than almost anywhere else. Club boss Florentino Pérez also made it clear: “The league title and the Champions League win were scheduled on an annual basis.” “We owe it to ‘billions of Real Madrid fans around the world,'” he said. The cup of the 14th grade is needed.

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