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Author Esther Copia and Jens Kleiner from Thomashütte welcomed guests to read the kitchen thriller. In addition to her crime novel, Copia from Dieburg also read the crime novel Muna by Thomas Fuhlbrügge, which was missing due to illness. © Emmerich

Authors Esther Copia and Thomas Fuhlbrügge had invited to a joint reading of the culinary crime in Eppertshäuser Thomashütte’s “Old Barn”, but as is often the case in pandemic times, things did not go as planned: since Altheim’s author was ill with Corona , she took the author of Dieburg reading both works.

Eppertshausen – With the right food at the table, 50 guests attended the reading of the kitchen thriller by authors Esther Copia from Dieburg and Thomas Fuhlbrügge from Altheim in Eppertshausen Thomashütte’s “Old Barn”. But as often happens in times of pandemics, things turned out differently than planned: since Fuhlbrügge was ill with Corona, Copia took over reading both works.

With the prequel “Cell Control in II 515”, Esther Copia introduced her audience to her protagonist Maria Saletti from her work “Behind the Hessian Bars”, which was published last September, while a projector showed the impressions of the images. from prisons. In addition, she explained to about 50 people present why Maria Saletti had thrown her radio under the prisoner’s bed in the dangerous situation instead of calling for help. It quickly became clear to visitors on the evening of the detectives that the author knew what she was writing about – after all, Esther Copia herself had worked as a prison officer in the Dieburg prison for many years. She also welcomed colleagues among the guests, including model for Rolf Klein, Salet’s colleague from headquarters.

As attendees were greeted with a greeting from the kitchen – warm pizza rolls served with three different dips – and shortly afterwards an Italian chicken soup with vegetables à la Maria, Copia let her listeners dive deeper into the story. They watched as Frank Hattinger was surprisingly released after nine years and three months and paid a former prison colleague, Thomas Enders, to go to school for him. They also met Susanne Herzberg, the successful owner of an online cosmetics store, who was later found dead on Eppertshausen Lake Aye.

With the words “Anyone who wants to learn more about human relationships should read” Behind Hessian Hessian “, Copia closed the part of her work with a smile. However, she willingly answered questions from the audience who wanted to know more about the training needed for a prison officer or for tips on finding a suitable publisher.

With lasagne à la saletti, the Thomashütte team served a main culinary dish that led to Thomas Fuhlbrügge’s work “Muna”. For his fourth novel, which will be published in 2020, the teacher and author chose a place steeped in history. It is not surprising that historical facts reinforce the imaginary thriller of crime. To get humor about the work of her colleague suffering from Corona, Copia read the RAF raid scene in Weiterstadt prison, which corresponded to the facts. In another scene, attendees were introduced to investigating investigator Rüssmann, who is about to kill himself, waiting for his daughter to call, and instead being called to the crime scene. This is the place in Muna where the Nazis produced bombs and grenades and which was later used by the Americans as a base. There is the dismembered corpse of an unknown person.

Fiction and reality finally came together because while Copia was reading the last parts of the evening from “Muna”. Because there the inspector strengthens together with his colleague Leu in Thomashütte and learns interesting anecdotes about the Muna country at the tables of regular people. Meanwhile, visitors reading the kitchen thriller are spoiled with an ice cream bomb.

The question remained open that evening as to what the amber room and conspiracy theories were all about. But visitors were happy to buy the author’s books to learn more about the mystery by reading it for themselves.

The series of events in Thomashütte will continue on Sunday, May 15: That Sunday, Rödermarker author Verena Rot will read from two volumes of her cozy four-part crime series, which revolves around hotel manager Apollonia Seidel . Guests will hear examples of “Apollonia – Shadows of the Past” and “Apollonia – Seed of Evil” and will gain knowledge on the craft of writing. Meanwhile, the Thomashütte team serves coffee and cake. Admission costs 15 euros, we ask you to register by email: (By Martina Emmerich)

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