Pure culture in Giller: free and out in heather

After a forced break of two years, Kultur Pur is back. And with it the family program out in the tent city theater.

For some it is simply the largest stage in South Westphalia, for others a hallmark of a largely unique festival atmosphere: Ginsberger Heide at KulturPur-Zeit.

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In addition to large-scale evening programs with stars like Mark Forster, BAP or Alice Merton, are all over the numerous afternoon and open-air programs around the Italian theater’s white snow-like tents that make KulturPur in Ginsberger Heide a main place. attraction for families and day travelers – after a two-year vacation. The ingredients for the popular “daily mix” are as friendly as usual and traditionally always a little weird.

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This year, breathtaking scenes will take place here at the opening of Chiringuito Paradise. To celebrate the day, the champagne is chilled, the guests are here, everything is ready. But then the two bartenders pass each other in a contest in favor of the guests and the action quickly unfolds into a mix of full comedy and turbo-slapstick hair.

Meanwhile, next door, Oniversum is unpacking its antique jar, which, run by a coffee grinder, offers moving pictures and invites you to listen to tales in the cozy setting of an open pavilion with the help of sea shells. A few feet away, Covent Garden Street anarchic performers are certainly drawn to Ginsberger Heide after three years of pure cultural abstinence with new ideas and more eager for action than ever.

The fascinating touch of international vaudeville art explodes through the central tent on Sunday and Monday, when Vadim Lukjanchuk and Natalie Reckert present their circus skills twice a day. Lukjanchuk dances a short story about love and passion with hula hoop, mixing traditional tango influences with modern elements of electronic music.

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Tempting invitation

National Center for Circus Arts London hand artist and graduate Natalie Reckert, on the other hand, is a “cream superheroine.” It not only balances itself, but also balances really weird ideas like researcher, acrobatic superheroine or licorice, demonstrating the elasticity of the human body.

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Victorine Pasman’s Under Her Skirt also guarantees an eye-catching look of a completely different kind: at a height of four and a half meters and dressed in a pompous 17th-century style suit, a lady moves shamelessly between to her admirers. Anyone who accepts her seductive invitation and risks a look under her skirt will be rewarded with a refreshing refreshing program adorned with a serenade from her rich repertoire.

If all this becomes too wild for you, the Teatre de la Toupine wooden sculptures, reminiscent of old fairground attractions, are a soothing and creative drift pit, various and all sorts of things. The pinball fox makes metal bowls ring with a wooden ball, the bird doll sniffs a small bell and the jumping doll moves to its small theater in the four-winged bandit game. But Kammerpuppenspiele Bielefeld also guarantees something different and adventurous emotions. Far from the outdated Tri-Tra-Trullala spectacle with the crocodile and Sparifankerl, their adventures with Kasper & Co. are cheeky, fresh, funny and exciting, so even adults should smile when the “robber uncle” gives advice along the way. at home after the performance.

Music in the middle tent

Moreover, the KulturPur afternoon program also has a lot to offer acoustically: starting with Strange Man Elvis, who, “yeah!”, From the south, from “Darmstadt / Tennessee”, slowly plays his minimal blouse nice and fast, through Cie. . La Malette with Little Boy, The King of Harmonica or Airomatics Rudolf Bieler and Peter Krauter until the ’50s Wild with Beat! Radicals has something for every musical taste. At the latest when All inc. perform their acoustic mix by Bill Withers in Rio Reiser with polyphonic songs or occasionally take the “popular track”, all visitors will shake their feet.

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