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Following the salmonella outbreak at confectionery maker Ferrero, the Belgian public prosecutor is now investigating. The company now admits mistakes.

The Belgian public prosecutor is investigating against this company the explosion of salmonella in the confectionery giant Ferrero. The investigation is linked to a factory in Arlon that Ferrero was due to close on orders last week, the news agency said. Belgium and other media reported on Monday, citing the public prosecutor’s office in the Belgian province of Luxembourg.

Ferrero admits mistakes

Ferrero itself has now admitted mistakes in handling the withdrawals of some products. The Italian company remains unclear about the reasons for the months-long gap between the discovery of the Salmonella case in Arlon and the withdrawals in April: “internal inefficiency“therefore it was ensured that”that there have been delays in withdrawals and exchange of information“. Therefore, investigations into the case have not been conducted as quickly and efficiently as necessary, the statement said.

What happened?

According to a new communication from Ferrero France, on December 15, Salmonella was discovered in a sieve at the exit of two raw material tanks in the Arlon area. The products made by him were then kept. The filter has been replaced and controls for unfinished and finished products have been added, the company says.

But it is not clear why Ferrero did not withdraw the products from this factory that were already on sale. Only now has the company withdrawn products from its “Children” confectionery line – in a number of countries.

Supervisory authority: The Belgian Ferrero plant may no longer produce at the moment

Ferrero then had to stop production at the factory in Belgium last Friday. According to a statement from the Afsca supervisory authority, Ferrero did not provide sufficient information in the investigation.

PrAfter #investigations of #AfSCA and suite on the constants of these last hours that the supplies provided by #Ferrero are incomplete, the Agency proceeds to #retriet ‘# the authorization of production # # Arlon (1 / 1)

Ferrero himself announces that the plant will be temporarily closed. “There would be internal inefficiencies.”which led to delays in receiving and disseminating information in a timely manner.The factory will reopen only after the authorities have given their approval.

Ferrero Salmonella product expansion is expanded

It also means that all products are being withdrawn from the factory. therefore affected All products of the type:

  • surprise the children
  • Kinder Surprise Maxi
  • Mini eggs for children
  • Chocolate candy for kids

that are made there. Actually regardless of group number or best date before, writes the authority on Twitter. Afsca also urged all distributors to withdraw related products from retail outlets.

All #Kinder products remove from the Ferrero d’Arlon product site that are grown ➡️Ce rappel concerne TOUS products such as ‘Kinder Surprise’, ‘Kinder Surprise Maxi’, ‘Kinder Mini Eggs’ & ‘Schoko-bons’, etc. very independent and péremption dates (2/2)

How are German consumers affected by Ferrero’s main product attraction?

Ferrero said the withdrawal would only affect baby products produced at its factory in Arlon in Belgium. Therefore, this would account for 7% of the total volume of baby products produced worldwide each year. Local solutions are being worked on to support customers with questions.

Salmonella in Ferrero: US and New Zealand also affected

But that is not all. Baby products were also withdrawn in the US. This comes from a company announcement that the US food authority FDA released on Thursday (local time).

Shortly before Easter, confectionery maker Ferrero withdrew numerous products to New Zealand because of the potential risk of salmonella. The Food Safety Authority on Tuesday ordered that all baby products made in Belgium be withdrawn from the market in the Pacific country.

Ferrero Christmas items also affected by the salmonella scandal

The confectionery maker has been pulling products continuously since Tuesday. It all started with surprise eggs and chocolate cans, then mini eggs and finally Christmas items from last Christmas. portal food had constantly reported on it.

Who gets me the chocolate I bought?

At the moment, Ferrero is probably still working to remove products from the shelves as soon as possible. The group can be accessed via Telephone line 069/665 666-0 to get more information there.

The Hamburg Consumer Counseling Center asked the big supermarkets – who gets the chocolate? Here you will find information.

Ferrero had previously said they were working with authorities for one “possible link to reported salmonella cases” for chocolate made in Belgium.

Salmonella in chocolate? Many sick people

European food safety and health authorities – EFSA and ECDC – have launched investigations. Finally, there have been 105 confirmed and 29 suspected cases of salmonella disease.

UK reports 63 infections, UK health officials told the news agency AFP announced Tuesday. In France, 21 people have been infected. Of those, 15 said they had eaten products for the affected children, authorities said. It has also been reported that there have been some infections in Germany, Sweden and other European countries.

European authorities note the extremely high percentage of children under the age of ten who are ill and have had to be hospitalized.

If you have any of these products, we advise you not to consume them. Please keep the product and contact our customer protection team.

The number of food withdrawals has doubled in the last five years. On average, more than three products are withdrawn per week. Why does this happen when phone calls are returned and where can I get information?

What is salmonella and what does it do?

Salmonella are bacteria that attack the gastrointestinal tract the most. However, there are many different types of salmonella that lead to different symptoms. Some types cause no symptoms at all, others lead to severe vomiting, diarrhea, fever, dizziness and headache. This food poisoning often ends after a few days.

Salmonella is something typical we catch from food if it is not cooled properly, if it is not hygienically clean. Raw minced meat, mayonnaise made from raw eggs or ice cream and also in chocolate. Even low numbers of germs are enough to cause a disease. Because bacteria usually reach the gut alive from chocolate, the stomach can no longer be protected.

Children, the elderly or people with weakened immune systems in particular may react more violently. The course of the disease may be more severe and last longer.

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