Preview of Formula 1 Grand Prix Miami 2022

So far the season has gone according to the tastes of rights holders and neutral Formula 1 fans. World champion Max Verstappen and challenger Charles Leclerc alternate with victories. At the opening of the season in Bahrain and the third race in Australia, Monegasque won with his Ferrari. The Red Bulls superstar responded in Saudi Arabia and most recently in Imola. At the World Cup, Leclerc is ahead by 27 points.

Ferrari and Red Bull duel at the top, behind them the midfield is patchwork. Alpine probably has the third fastest car in a lap, but fails in the race. The car loads a lot of tires and the A522 lacks reliability. Mercedes experiences the opposite: it lacks speed for a lap. The silver arrow needs laps to reach speed. This is what credibility is all about. The two teams are joined by Alfa Romeo, McLaren, Haas and Alpha Tauri.

Predictions are hard to make both at the top and in midfield. Unpredictability makes Formula 1 exciting. The Liberty Media rights holder is useful shortly before the home game. Over the weekend, the grand dream of the Grand Prix in Miami will be realized for the American media company. Formula 1 is supposed to make a really big show there.

Riding Formula 1 in the United States is currently unlimited. The telenovela “Drive to Survive” for the premiere class, its executives and teams has given a boom to the premiere class. Tickets for the Miami premiere sold out very soon after they were announced last year. Even high ticket prices, sometimes more than $ 1,000 for a weekend ticket, did not deter fans. The premiere at “Sunshine State” promises the best entertainment on the racetrack in front of the packed stands.

Track: Miami International Raceway

The Miami International Racecourse was a difficult birth. A civic initiative had long resisted Liberty Media’s heart project. A little over a year ago, the Miami Gardens City Council paved the way and gave Formula 1 all the necessary permits. This allowed the construction of the 5.41-mile track around the Miami Dolphins football team’s Hard Rock Stadium to begin. Planning for the Autodrome had already started in 2019.

The contract between Miami and Formula 1 was dated directly for ten years up to and including 2031. The British company Apex Circuit Design is responsible for the new racetrack. The experts designed 75 different layouts. Ultimately, 36 of them were tested in simulations to filter out the best possible variant for maximum action. The result is a circuit with three long lines and 19 angles.

The lap starts in the shortest of three directors with a right arm followed by a series of S turns. High speed is the agenda from turns four to eleven. High lateral acceleration forces are likely to pull the driver’s neck. The racetrack section reminds you of the racetrack in Saudi Arabia. A long flat stretch from the eighth turn leads the driver to the winding part of the race track from turn 11. After five fairly narrow turns comes the next long line. A hair clip and a left-right combination turn the cars back towards the house.

The pilots were already impressed after the test laps in the simulator. “I like the layout. It offers an astonishing number of high-speed crossings, atypical turns, long turns and two excellent overtaking options,” says Alpha Tauri driver Pierre Gasly. This refers to turns eleven and 17 – two strong braking zones at the end of the long line. The road circuit is not flat, but there are also differences in height. Look (T14-15) first climb before falling to the exit.

Three DRS zones have been created to encourage overtaking. For the county, operators paved about 24,000 tonnes of asphalt with varying levels of tightening to make it complicated for teams. The last layer is applied in February. 1130 tons of concrete were used for the construction of the permanent pit. The area around the stadium was developed on a campus, so that not only the racetrack track is an attraction, but also the surroundings invite you to extend. A cable car allows fans to swim over the itinerary. 14 pedestrian bridges cross the slope.


Pirelli supplies C2, C3 and C4 tire components.

Quick facts

  • Route length: 5,412 km
  • Number of rounds: 57
  • Race distance: 308,326 km
  • Number of turns: 19 (left / right)
  • Pillar distance to braking point for T1: 200 meters
  • DRS Zones: 3 (T9-11, T16-17, T19-1)
  • Tire types: C2 (solid), C3 (medium), C4 (soft)

Max Verstappen - Red Bull - Emilia Romagna GP 2022 - Imola


Red Bull can shine in Miami at tremendous top speed.


Three straight lines, the longest of which is over 1.28 kilometers, provided maximum speeds above 320 km / h, various fast turns, some long turns and some narrow crossings: Miami International Autodrome calls for a compromise in configuration of vehicles. “We wanted to challenge leaders and teams,” says Charles Metcalfe of Apex Circuit Design. “There are many different types of curves that do not have to fit every organization.” Maybe so it should happen.

You need a lot of contact pressure and good stability in fast corners, and mechanical grip in slow corners. Long runs, on the other hand, require wings as small as possible in order to create little resistance to the air. It can be assumed that teams will experiment with different levels of reverse strength in training sessions in order to find the right path for themselves. The appearance speaks to a tendency towards less push, but there may be different settings. Similar to Saudi Arabia where Red Bull tried a smaller rear wing and Ferrari a slightly larger one, resulting in different car forces.

Cars with particularly good efficiency should have an advantage. Those that generate a lot of knocking force through the lower part of the body and can take the surface from the arms in return. Red Bull is the first thing that comes to mind. Motor power is required to quickly leave behind long wings. Good traction is required on slow crossings. Pirelli supplies mixtures C2 to C4. Some turns are likely to strain the tires. With fewer wings, cars can slide more than drivers would like, especially on tight, not-so-tight tires.

Pirelli speaks in his observation about a smooth asphalt. The Italian tire supplier expects the track to develop significantly over the weekend. The cars have to make a runway initially green with little by little rubber grip. However, teams should not expect poor control conditions. The organizer has previously irradiated and cleaned the asphalt.

Charles Leclerc - Ferrari - Emilia Romagna GP - Imola - 23 April 2022


Ferrari is likely to come out with a rear wing with medium-low power specification.


Imola’s loss put Ferrari under pressure. Red Bull brought small improvements there that hit immediately. Experts say the RB18 was a faster touch than the red car. Therefore Ferrari will not fall into stock. They are sticking to plans, but at least they are bringing some first improvements to F1-75 for the Miami premiere.

It is mainly about adjusting the aerodynamics to the fast race track, which will probably require a medium and low level of reverse force. “We are confident that our package for Miami is quite effective,” said Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto. It can be assumed that a customized rear wing was mainly intended.

Otherwise, Ferrari will return to the topic of jumping and will continue to work to eliminate it as much as possible. Jumping to the right is Mercedes’s biggest job. The world champion team now knows how and when it happens, but a suitable key has not yet been found so that the jump does not cost tenths of a second.

In Miami, Mercedes wants to take the first steps by many to get rid of it. “Hopefully we already have some parts in Miami that tell us if we’re going in the right direction,” says chief engineer Andrew Shovlin.

Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes - Emilia Romagna GP - Imola - 23 April 2022


Mercedes hopes to make the W13 better with some new developments.


A new path and little data: teams depend on their simulation tools. The more accurate they were in advance, the easier it will be to get out of the initial blocks and perfect the configuration. Red Bull and Ferrari were so far ahead of the others in the first races that they would have to come together a lot to not put themselves back in pole position and win the race between them.

If we had to guess, we see Red Bull going the weekend with an edge. Because so far the RB18 has been good at turns and had tremendous top speed. However, if Ferrari’s low-middle-power package works, the Scuderia can also regain the edge. Therefore: a prediction is hardly possible.

The same goes for the wide midfield. Already in 2021, the Alpine showed the quality of fast road finding and adapting to new racetracks. The tools at the factory put the national racing team from France on the right track. If this is the case in Miami and you get better control of the tires, Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon have a good chance of being the third force.

In Mercedes, a lot stays and falls with the jump. The tires should not cause any problems this time with outside temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius. Alfa-Sauber was very fast in Imola with new parts. There is a growing understanding of why the Swiss racing team can become even stronger. In midfield, the little things are crucial: organization, tires, temperature, asphalt, shape per day. You can quickly be the fifth or the 15th. Weather can increase excitement. Rain is not excluded.

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Program and GP Miami 2022

session date
The first exercise Friday, May 6, 8.30-21.30
2. Exercise Friday, May 6, 23:30 – 12:30
3. Exercise Saturday, May 7, 7-20 p.m.
qualification Saturday, May 7, from 10 p.m.
Run Sunday, May 8, from 9:30 p.m.

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