Press comments on Boris Becker’s prison sentence | tennis news

Boris Becker has to go to jail. This news shocked the sports world on Friday. International newspapers do not spare criticism of the German tennis legend. Press reviews.


Dielli: “Service time – Tennis star Boris Becker faces two and a half years in prison after hiding millions of pounds in his bankruptcy in 2017.”

DailyMail: “Boris Becker and an accident like no other: an insatiable appetite for women, houses, cars and a luxurious life. Now, fatal business mistakes and fatal arrogance have made the Wimbledon star face a two-and-a-half year prison sentence. sentence. “


Gazzetta dello Sport: “Becker will no longer look at the world through a tennis net, but through the bars of an English prison. The brilliance of tennis fought as an adult. Scandals, debts and bankruptcy: Becker’s reputation has been ruined.”

Greenhouse Courier: “On Judgment Day, Boris Becker wears a Wimbledon tie with green and purple stripes, a symbol of a period of glory hijacked by years and many mistakes. Scandals and love affairs, decline and resurrection: Becker sledding life now ends in prison.”

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Boris Becker was sentenced to two and a half years in prison in London. Frank Jaeger, a bankruptcy lawyer, classifies the trial and explains how the former professional will proceed.

The Republic: “Boris Becker’s deep down: The Wimbledon king ends up in the Queen’s prison. Thus falls an unprecedented phenomenon in tennis, which has found no balance off the court. The Wimbledon tie that Becker wears on the court resembles a tombstone of his fabulous career exaggerated, decline and regret. “

Sports Courier: “Fatal London for Boris Becker: His career, which began at Wimbledon in 1985 at the age of 17, ended yesterday at the Palace of Justice on the banks of the Thames. The draw with Wimbledon’s colors did not burden him. In his cell, “Becker can think of a resumption strategy. He does not lack genius.”

The Messenger: “From the Wimbledon lawn to prison: Boris Becker, the tennis talent who conquered Wimbledon at the age of 17, now has to go through the difficult experience of prison. His reputation is ruined. Two expensive divorces, four children and one Becker’s star life is eclipsing. “


Standards: “Fortunately for the 54-year-old, neither laziness nor stupidity are criminal offenses, otherwise Becker would have to wait for a much longer prison term. […] The fact that he now has to know the inside of an English prison is certainly tragic. “But only the failed businessman is responsible for his humiliation.”


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Biography Christian Schommers on the prison sentence of Boris Becker

New York Times: “The decision marks a surprise drop from the ashes for Boris Becker. His talent in tennis, bubble personality and business ambitions had made him a fortune to this point.”


New Zurich newspaper: “The sentence is known – Boris Becker should go to jail for two years and six months. A British court sentences the former tennis player to 30 months in prison. It is the low point of a career that has gone completely out of control.”

Views: “The decision has been made – Boris Becker must go to jail! The former tennis star must stay behind bars for 2.5 years. The process of delaying bankruptcy is the result of decades of luxurious life, but also ignorance and mismanagement.”


Brand: “The fate of Boris Becker. As Judge Deborah Taylor argued in her decision, the culprit did not learn the lesson of a similar trial in Germany in 2002. The question will also be whether he could have been successful with an objection.”

If: “Two and a half years in prison for the world, no, it does not go unnoticed.”

Mundo Deportivo: “Boris Becker did not understand how to manage his assets. Now he has to go to jail for two and a half years.”


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