Pokémon GO: The Water Festival starts tomorrow

On May 12, 2022, the water festival will start at Pokémon GO, where you can expect many special features. We at MeinMMO will tell you what offspring, brilliance and rewards await you at this event.

What is this event? The water festival is about Alola Poni Island, its patron saint Tapu Kime and of course many water-type Pokemon. You can also look forward to spawning, sparkling and numerous rewards.

When does the water festival start? The Water Festival kicks off on May 12, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. local time. You will then have time until May 20, 2022 at 20:00 local time to take full advantage of the event.

All the eggs and glitter for the Water Festival

With the start of the Water Festival, the journey to the Alola region continues for you. You have been able to meet Kapu-Kime, the patron saint of Pony Island, in level 5 raids since May 10th. During the event you can expect other suitable thematic calving.

You can meet the water and infect Pokémon Araqua for the first time and evolve it in Aranestro. The rock and water Pokémon Bithora is also celebrating its sleek debut in the game, and Lapras is also wearing it for you with his blue scarf.

Kapu-Kime, Lapras with scarf, Araqua and its further development Aranestro

Below we have summarized which monsters are waiting for you during the event and where you can find them. Also, we have you all Pokemon with one

marked, which you can even catch in their dazzling form.

Wild breeding for the water festival

  • Of course, on the occasion of the water festival, wild eggs will be thematically adapted by Niantic and you will find plenty of outdoor water Pokemon. Look for the following monsters there:
  • tentacle *
  • Phlegmon *
  • Goldini *
  • yll ti *
  • Magikarp *
  • Marill *
  • Loturzel *
  • standing pond
  • Carnival *
  • Waller *
  • Sonic Quap *
  • Bithora *


With a little luck you will also meet:

Pokemon from 7 km Eggs

  • In addition to wild eggs, the 7 km egg content will also be thematic. If you get these eggs from your friends gifts during the event, you may encounter the following monsters:
  • Enton *
  • azurill *
  • mantipa
  • hidropi *
  • perch *
  • Bithora *
  • yll ti *

Peru *

The bosses raid the water festival

And raids also have one or two new raid bosses ready for you: raids
raid bosses Level 1 raids
baldorfish *
Waller *
Wuffels * Level 3 raids
Alola Raichu *
Lapras me scarf *
Kappalores Level 5 raids
Kapu Kime
(For the Counter-Guide) Mega Raids
Mega Turbo *

(For the Counter-Guide)

Bithora as the new glow for the water festival

With the start of the event, you can look forward to a new Shiny in Pokémon GO: Bithora. Rocky Pokemon and Water comes from the 6th generation of games and can be further developed in Thanathora.

You can distinguish the blinding variant from its body with red and white stripes and the head covering like green leaves. During the event, you have to keep an eye on him in the desert. Alternatively, you can get it by hatching eggs 7 km and doing field research.

Normal Bithora (left) and shiny (right)

All prizes for the water festival

  • As you have learned from other events at Pokémon GO, there will certainly be one or two bonuses during the water festival as well. In addition to a global challenge and a special quest on Pony Island, which are available to you before the actual start of the event, the following bonuses await you during the event:
  • Rain Lure modules last 2 hours
  • Double candy when they bloom
  • More XL candy for hatched eggs
  • New scarf for your avatar
  • Field research of events
    • Temporary research Reward:

1,000 XP, 1,000 Stardust, 50 Mega Energy for Gyarados, a meeting with Lapras with a scarf and a meeting with Araqua

The global water festival challenge What is this challenge?

As you already know from other events, like GO Fest, there will also be a global challenge at the water festival. In this, all coaches (worldwide) must achieve a certain goal together in order to earn a special bonus for the rest of the event.

  • Will have the following task and reward:
  • Common Task: Catch 600,000,000 water-type Pokemon

Bonus: double candy when you catch Pokemon When is the global challenge taking place?

Unlike most other bonuses, the global challenge lasts from May 11, 2022 at 20:00 to May 21, 2022 at 10:00 German time.

Special research on Pony Island

As announced by Niantic as part of the Alola season, the next special search on the Alola region opened for you on May 10, 2022 under the name “A Poni Adventure”. Here you will find all the tasks and rewards for the new special quest.

If you complete this and search the previous three islands in time, you will receive a free special search bonus for the end of the season starting May 25th.

By the way: With one trick you can do both fights with the new special search missile on Pony at the same time. We took a look at how it works and will show you.

What do you think about the offspring and rewards of the water festival? Tell us in the comments here at MeinMMO.

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