Pokémon GO: Evolve Perlu – Tricks, Aalabyss and Saganabyss

Perlu is one of the Pokémon in Pokémon GO that has multiple evolution. We have summarized for you what kind of monsters these are and if there are any tricks to developing Perlu.

What is this Pokemon? Perlu is a small, water-like shell-like Pokemon. Ai ka Aqua Gun Fast Attack. As a loading attack, he can learn Body Slam, Ice Beam and Aqua Wave. Perlu can evolve into Aalabyss or Saganabyss.

where can i catch it Pearl can be found occasionally in the wild. Prefers rainy weather. It can also be lured with the help of a glacier module. It can be taken occasionally even by laying eggs.

Aalabyss or Saganabyss – Which development is better?

Currently, both Aalabyss and Saganabyss can not be found in the wild. However, Perlu has the ability to evolve into Aalabyss or Saganabyss. We have seen how these two developments differ and have summarized them for you.

How strong is Aalabyss? Like Perlu, Aalabyss is a Water-type Pokemon. It is blue with some brown feathers on the back. In addition to the Aqua Gun instant attack, he can also learn the Dark type attack Bite. Loaded attacks are available to learn Aalabyss Crunch, Ice Beam and Wet Tail.

According to the PvPoke review (via pvpoke.com), Aalabyss has quite poor values ​​in terms of attack and stamina. It is slightly better than Saganabyss in terms of defense, but this value is also relatively low. Thus, Aalabyss is quite unsuitable for use in the PvP league. Even in raids it can be less convincing.

Aalabyss and Saganabyss

How strong is Saganabyss? Like Perlu and Aalabyss, Saganabyss is also a water type Pokemon. This Pokemon has a pink body with purple feathers. Is able to learn Immediate Psychic Attack Confusion along with Aqua Gun. Saganabyss can also be taught Charged Attacks Thief’s Kiss, Psychokinesis or Aqua Wave.

We also took a closer look at the power of this Pokemon in the PvPoke review (via pvpoke.com). Similar to Aalabyss, Saganabyss is not really convincing in terms of stamina, attack and defense.

Although it has a better attack rating than Aalabyss, it is also less suitable for PvP league and raids.

conclusions: Aalabyss and Saganabyss are not both Pokemon suitable for use in the PvP league or raid. After all, their stamina is too weak to face other Pokemon for long. Therefore, both are mostly suitable to supplement Pokédex.

Tricks in developing Perlu on Pokémon GO?

In order to evolve Perlu into Aalabyss or Saganabyss, you need 50 Perlu candies each. The use of an additional item is not required.

Unfortunately, unlike other manifold Pokemon, there is no trick to predetermining a specific evolution for Perlu. It is therefore a coincidence that development emerges from Perlu. So if you want to have a certain further development, then you need a lot of luck that works right on the first try.

This is different with Eevee. This monster can be specially developed with the help of name tricks, seductive modules or mileage runs. We have also summarized for you how you get the various further developments of Eevee.

Perlu, Aalabyss and Saganabyss as Shiny

Perlu, Aalabyss and Saganabyss also exist as Shiny in Pokémon GO. Since Aalabyss and Saganabyss are currently elusive in nature, you can only get them in their shiny form by evolving Perlu. Here, too, the development is random, which can be very annoying in certain circumstances.

Pokémon GO - Shiny Perlu & Evolutions
Glossy variant of Aalabyss, Perlu and Saganabyss

What is your opinion on the development of Perlu in Pokémon GO? Want to be able to determine further development in advance? Feel free to write us a comment here about MeinMMO and share ideas with other trainers.

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