Christmas lights seem saved: the main idea from “Treffpunkt Wissen”

Message from 05/12/2022 By Catherine Behner It was very quiet in the main and financial committee of the city of Knowledge when the advertising association “Treffpunkt Wissen” presented their ideas, which, according to all opinion, will bring new Christmas lights within the possibilities of this year. Otherwise the city could not withstand the … Read more

What do we know about Macron’s idea of ​​a “political community” in Europe?

Following his resounding election victory last month, Emmanuel Macron has proposed one of the biggest structural changes in the European Union in decades. But what exactly lies behind Macron’s idea of ​​a “European political community”? Given his suggestions that Ukraine’s bid ruined by the EU membership war could take “decades” and delays in the accession … Read more

Yade Yasemin Önder: “We know we can and we fall in sync” – Culture

Right at the beginning of this debut novel, a father dies a spectacular death. He, who is said to have weighed four hundred kilograms, was so heavy that the meadow in which he stood at the time of his death “bent concavely to the ground, so heavy,” you could do almost nothing with it, which … Read more

Day care: knowledge, values, well-being – at Vincentinum

Team-oriented, confident, diverse – here you can learn what Vincentinum Nursing Training offers and what the trainees themselves say. How should my internship be? Young people often face this question after finishing school. The answer often remains a mystery, however: some adjectives describing dream work are often used: diverse, confident, appealing, team-oriented – and … Read more

A Jewish Revolutionary – Michael Uhl traces the life of Betty Rosenfeld (1907–1942) from Stuttgart:

Michael Uhl traces the life of Betty Rosenfeld (1907–1942) from Stuttgart By George Pichler Revised books / references A search of files in the archives of the Spanish Civil War in Salamanca in 1994 and a “barrier block” that caused him to stumble in Stuttgart almost 22 years later prompted historian Michael Uhl to trace … Read more