Künstlerzeche Herne shows the exhibition “Change through culture”

herne The exhibition “Change through culture” by Rainer Schlautmann shows photos of art projects, mostly in public spaces. What visitors can expect. Hfsbef ejf Lvmuvs ibu not EFO MFU {{UFO Kbis fioufo EFO Tusvluvsxboefm jn Svishfcjfu joufotjw cfhmfjufu- voufstuýu {u voe wpsbohfusjfcfo / Sbjofs Tdimbvunboo ibu tjdi EBT Npuup “Xboefm evsdi Lvmuvs” {vn Uifnb hfnbdiu … Read more

WoW Patch 9.2: Two Legends

In Patch 9.2, you can equip two legendary items instead of just one. Activation is done extensive accountafter the end of Chapter 7 of the Zereth Mortis campaign, available in Europe on 23 March 2022. Once this feature is turned off, one Legendary can be one Legendary item of your choice and the other I … Read more

Are you looking for organizers after Putin? No report on Markus Lanz (ZDF)

The main page culture TV and cinema Created: 21.4.2022, time 4:48 By: Marc Hairapetian Separated Markus Lanz: Talk about the big Russian offensive in eastern Ukraine. (Screenshot) © ZDF Markus Lanz in ZDF shows the face of the war in Ukraine. FDP politician Strack-Zimmermann is turning out to be a suitable chancellor. The later the … Read more

The study refutes the myth

The main page adviser health Created: 21.4.2022, time 4:48 By: Zana Halberstadt Separated Analyzing the data, Pontzer found that the calorie needs of marathon runners initially increase, but then decrease and adjust. (symbol photo) © Jürgen Ritter / Imago Images There are many ways to lose weight: diet, exercise or fasting. But sport alone does … Read more

Current and exciting – Glonner Playrooms 2022 Photo Exhibition – Ebersberg

Victoria dances. The slender Ukrainian’s movements are still a bit reserved, but her rocking end gives you an idea that she will open her arms and just let go. Triptych number 11 from “Spielräume 2022” by Fotofreunde Glonn could not be more up to date. You mean. And yet, the source material is almost 30 … Read more