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(Cologne) # NRW- # state elections 2022. To give citizens an indication of which party they can vote for on May 15, Cologne Free Voter’s main candidate Torsten Ilg was asked about a total of seven topics: Topic 1: How should Cologne benefit from your policies?

How can and do you want to make Cologne better as part of the NRW state parliament? Give specific examples of how Cologne should benefit from your party policies!

Torsten Ilg (list of free voters, place 6 state list of NRW)
“We Free Voters are the number one local party in Germany. We are the only political force with the clear intention of liberating the city of Cologne from duties and expenses. The Rhine Bridges of Cologne are all dilapidated. Therefore, the costs for their rehabilitation must be borne entirely by the federal and state governments. New prestigious and costly projects such as the “Historic Center” should be abandoned. We demand more state funding for affordable housing. School buildings are our top priority. Our city needs more police presence in public spaces. Cologne must become a model hydrogen region. ”

Topic 2: Climate change and professionals

The fight against climate change will also have to be applied by theory to practice in Cologne to a large extent by the Cologne trade. An example of this is the massive subsidy programs for the expansion of photovoltaics and the simultaneously growing problem of shortage of skilled workers. How do you intend to oppose this?

Torsten Ilg (list of free voters, place 6 state list of NRW)
“Further education and training programs should be accessible to all social classes. In-company training and further education need to be continuously improved. We want to make Cologne an important place for hydrogen technology and therefore expand it into a state-funded hydrogen model region. “We want to create a lot of new jobs here and thus, together with existing photovoltaic expansion subsidy programs, ensure that qualified specialists choose Cologne as their location.”

Topic 3: The gap between poor and rich Veedeln

The pandemic has once again put the gap between rich and poor under the magnifying glass in Cologne. What do Free Voters want to do to give more perspective to Veedeln west of Cologne or on the right bank of the Rhine, which has been neglected in many respects?

Torsten Ilg (list of free voters, place 6 state list of NRW)
“Ruined roads and neglected infrastructure are one of the reasons why there is a gap between the poor and rich parts of the city. This in turn is due to the fact that municipalities have to face more and more tasks. We want to change that. The costs of accommodating and integrating refugees and migrants should no longer be borne by the cities, but by the state, the federal government and the EU. In addition, we want to implement a distribution key in NRW that makes the surrounding less populated area more responsive. “

Topic 4: What will be done with Holweide Hospital?

There is a struggle for the future of Holweide Municipal Hospital. The location will probably not remain in its current form. Some fear a lack of medical care, while others see the need to eliminate dual structures with the large clinic, near Merheim. How do you see the future of the location? And what role can the state government play in preserving or converting the site?

Torsten Ilg (list of free voters, place 6 state list of NRW)
“Holweide Hospital is currently providing health care in the district of Mülheim and on the right bank of the Rhine. We would be in favor of joining Merheim only if standard care, including emergency outpatient clinic and intensive care medicine, continues to be provided for the entire catchment area as before. However, this also requires the widening of roads and helipads. Joining the university clinic should be viewed critically. “Instead, we need more investment across the country to maintain community hospitals in the area.”

Topic 5: Lack of staff in schools

The employment of civil servants is the task of the state government. Thus, it sets priorities when equipping authorities or schools. There are still very few teachers in Cologne schools and there are still very few police officers on the streets of Cologne. What plans do free voters have to take countermeasures here? Where does the money for more staff come from?

Torsten Ilg (free voter list, NRW’s 6th state list)
“Lack of money for teachers is not a problem. Unfortunately, existing positions are not filled because the reward is not attractive enough. To make the teaching profession more attractive, we demand higher salaries for teachers and faster opportunities for advancement. In addition, better-trained social workers and caregivers need to provide additional assistance to teachers, especially as unsuccessful integration causes conflicts in schools in many parts of the city. ”

Topic 6: Rhine space

Cologne + car = traffic jam. The new highway bridge that has been laid should help. But whether it really comes and in what form remains debatable. Should the Rheinspange be built? What do you think he is talking about? Something against? What are the possible alternatives?

Torsten Ilg (list of free voters, place 6 state list of NRW)
“We demand that the industrial city of Wesseling and Niederkassel on the right bank of the Rhine also contribute to easing the pressure on bridges in the cities of Cologne and Bonn. According to Strassen NRW, a tunnel solution would also be realistic there. We are the only party demanding that politicians pursue just one new Rhine crossing for long-distance traffic outside the Cologne city area. The alternative would be to widen the Rodenkirchen bridge. We categorically reject it. The GREEN zero solution creates even more alternative traffic. So, YES to Rheinspange, but NO to the city of Cologne. “

Topic 7: Should the city pay grants for crowns?

The financial burden for the city of Cologne has increased significantly due to the Corona. Should the state crown grants that came to the city of Cologne be repaid or should the state spare the municipalities this burden?

Torsten Ilg (free voter list, NRW’s 6th state list)
“These funds should be dedicated to a fund that enables the affected sectors (gastronomy, retail, event industry, artists and self-employed, etc.) to receive assistance for their losses in the coming years. After all, many fixed fixed costs like rent were just pushed back. We will campaign in the state parliament for a compensation law. Flood disaster victims are still awaiting compensation. That’s unbearable. “

Source: Freie Wahler Mittelrhein

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