NLS Nürburgring 2022 – gara result 3

The NLS 3 was all about BMW with a triple triumph. The BMW junior team from RMG and Rowe Racing fought an exciting battle to the last meters. In the end, the M4 GT3 from Farfus / de Philippi prevailed.

If one brand left its mark on this NLS weekend, it was BMW. After Porsche had dominated the season opener and NLS 2 was canceled, BMW now celebrated its first Nordschleife triumph with the M4 GT3. And three times as much.

The old hand against the young

Because the BMW youth team from RMG with Max Hesse, Dan Harper and Neil Verhagen had to concede defeat to their mentor shortly before the end of the 4-hour race. Augusto Farfus, who shared the # 99 Rowe car with Connor de Phillippi, took the opportunity to cross Hessen when he crashed eight minutes before the final.

Hesse was still struggling with all his might and already presented one of the scenes of the year in the final lap at the Döttinger Höhe. He sat several times near Farfus, but defended himself strongly. Eventually Hesse had to retreat when the two had to shoot with another slower car. Winning the first race of the season with the M4 GT3 was perfect for Rowe Racing.

Stefan Baldauf

The BMW Junior team fought for victory until the end.

Wheel to wheel duel at Döttinger Höhe

“Unfortunately we caught the yellow phases a bit, in fact we have to get ahead of the other BMW after the last stop,” said Farfus. “I was 15 seconds behind and I am constantly closing it. It got narrow in the last line because I could not pass the traffic well in advance. He was next to me and we were driving at full speed. This is racing.”

Irony: In the GT world challenge, Rowe Racing is the team that cares about the youth. In the Eiffel is RMG. The only downside to the strong youth performance: During the race, you received a stop and run penalty for lacking the minimum stop time in the pit by one second.

Hesse was visibly devastated: “I was unlucky once at the airport, he was unlucky at Döttingerhöhe,” he said. “But we can be happy because we have made good progress compared to NLS 1.” Walkenhorst completed BMW’s triple victory with Sami-Matti Trogen, Christian Krognes and Andy Soucek.

BoP adjustment for Audi and Co.

The ADAC North Rhine Technical Committee adjusted the performance balance for the second race of the season (NLS 2 was canceled). The new Evo version of the Audi R8 LMS had to load 10 kilograms and got a 0.5 millimeter smaller limiter. The Lamborghini Huracan added an extra 15 pounds. BMW had to compete with 10 kilograms more weight and had more boost pressure.

In fourth place is the Toksport WRT, a team that first drove a new car in the Nordschleife. Over the winter they switched from Mercedes to Porsche and barely lost the podium with the 911 GT3 R driven by Matt Campbell, Julien Andlauer and Mathieu Jaminet. Behind them, another BMW, the sister car of the Rowe # 98 (van der Linde / Wittman / Edwards), sat in front of the Audi R8 from the Scherer Sport Team Phoenix (Beretta / Giermaziak).

NLS 3 - Nurburgring - 23 April 2022

Stefan Baldauf

Toksport WRT has recently started with Porsche.

Favorites die after collisions

The British TF Sport team debut with the Aston Martin Vantage GT3 finished in seventh place overall for Maxime Martin, Marco Sörensen and David Pittard. The Mercedes-AMG Team Land Young Talents with Patrick Assenheimer and Luca-Sandro Trefz placed the best Mercedes in eighth place. Just behind them was the best Audi R8 LMS Evo from Audi Sport Team Phoenix (Robin Frijns / Kelvin van der Linde). Mercedes HRT by Luca Stolz and Manuel Metzger completes the top ten.

The race ended prematurely for some of the favorites. The Manthey 911 (Estre / Makowiecki / Vanthoor) got involved in a collision with a Porsche Cayman. The KCMG Porsche from Olsen / Burdon / Bamber was apparently also involved.

Falken withdraws from NLS 3

A sentence with X was the weekend for Falken Motorsport. It was decided not to allow both Porsche 911 GT3 Rs to compete at all. After qualification, it turned out that the required tire composition for the respective temperature window was not available in sufficient quantities. Explanation: Narrow globes of global supply for raw materials that are severely hitting Falken tire production in Japan.

Jaxon Evans and Alessio Picariello (# 3) as well as Lars Kern and Martin Ragginger (# 4) initially wanted to take the helm. Falken has therefore faced a dilemma because they have barely amassed any miles of racing before the 24-hour race. In the first NLS race, both cars retired prematurely.

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