NFL: Raimann makes history in the draft

The attacking treatment, who also watched the second day of the draft with his family in Michigan in front of the TV, had to be more patient than expected, but can now look forward to a professional career with the two-time Super Bowl champion (last in 2007). The Colts, who nearly failed to make the playoffs in 2021, were considered a potential candidate for Raimann’s signing in the predictions. Coach Frank Reich’s team had previously signed Matt Matt Ryan, an experienced quarterback, in the off-season.

“We can play football. “This is a very historic moment for Austrian football,” AFBÖ president Michael Eschlböck told Puls24: “The good team, the good station, a real load fell on my heart.” suitable in the land of the unlimited. NFL player opportunities as a ‘little’ Austrian “. “I am happy for Bernhard Raimann and his family.”

With strikers Toni Fritsch, Toni Linhart and Ray Wersching, three Austrians have already played in the world’s most expensive sports league, but none of them were tested. This also applies to Sandro Platzgummer (New York Giants) and Bernhard Seikovits (Arizona Cardinals), who joined the coaching staff through the International Pathway Program, but are looking forward to competitive matches.

Raimann, who played at the top college level in high school in the US and most recently for Chippewas Central Michigan for four years, will probably be the first domestic player to play competitive games outside of the hitting position in the fall and thus also an interior End of drought of 35 years. Wersching played his last game in the 1987/88 season.

Ryan and Taylor play in the “Colts”.

Many experts had already expected the 2.01m tall and 138kg heavyweight talent in the first or especially second round, but in the end it was the impressive third round for the Austrian first. Lack of routine seemed to have played a bigger role, perhaps even medical concerns, as rumored. At 4:08 a.m. CEST, NFL official Troy Vincent then announced the news, which is historic from a local standpoint.

Raimann can look forward to a calmer environment in the state of Indiana. Perennial superstar club Peyton Manning brought in quarterback Ryan from the Atlanta Falcons in the off-season, bringing back Jonathan Taylor has already settled into his first two seasons. With Eric Fisher, a left-hander left the Colts, the No. 1 draft pick in 2013 once played for Central Michigan, now Raimann of all people could follow in his footsteps.

Raimann’s unusual career

It’s the temporary reward for what has been an extraordinary career so far. As a quarterback defender, Raimann became such a valuable player that he was invited to the Allstar (Senior Bowl) national game and prestigious performance show (Combine) this year. The extraordinary thing: Raimann has played in this position for only two years and football for only ten years. At the age of 13 he saw for the first time the “egg-shaped ball”, after which he passed step by step from Steinbrunn through Vienna to the great and wide world of football.

LSU (67) Chasen Hines and Central Michigan Bernhard Raimann (76)

AP / Butch Dill

Raimann (right) as a left-back in the Senior Bowl: He is one of the center-backs in the attacking line

From the age of 14, Raimann still played as a wide holder and corner defender for the Vienna Vikings, but soon went abroad as an exchange student. “I was like, hey, I want to play on Friday night (traditional high school football time). “I thought it would be good – that’s it,” Raimann once said.

From the narrow edge to the treatment

Raimann was not even an interference at that point, but was now playing like a tight end. As such, blocking is also part of the job, which should be useful later. Having practically been born with the right measurements for the position on the offensive line, he accepted the invitation for retraining. As always in his career, Raimann did the rest and gained 25 pounds due to his position.

“In the beginning you tested your limits, sometimes you jump, that’s part of the job,” Raimann said recently, giving an overview of daily life, including “bigger plates and bigger cutlery.” That effort will be rewarded if the NFL’s payoffs pay off well. He has a four-year contract worth about five million euros.

The draft ends on Saturday (6:00 pm CEST) with rounds four through seven. After that, Leonel Misangumukini will also find out if he can recommend himself to a team through the International Road Program. Like Platzgummer and Seikovits before him, the Viennese completed a training camp in the US and now hopes for a place on a team.

Bernhard Raimann’s profile

  • Born: Vienna
  • Date of birth: 23 September 1997
  • Marital status Unmarried
  • Height: 2.01 m
  • Weight: 138 kg
  • Team: Indianapolis Colts
  • Position: Offensive Meeting (Left Intervention)
  • Career: Vienna Vikings (14 years old), Delton-Kellogg High School in Michigan / USA (2015/16), Central Michigan (2018-21)
  • Education: Ballsportgymnasium Vienna (Matura 2017 as the best of the year), then military presence service, Central Michigan University from 2018 (statistics, math)
  • Next: Growing up in Steinbrunn (Burgenland), in his youth footballer at SC Bad Sauerbrunn, originally played as a receiver and close, was a member of the national youth soccer team, a member of the first team of the American Middle Conference (MAC) 2021

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