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The supposed change of heart of singer Xavier Naidoo sparks lively discussions. How serious should his apology be on Youtube? Jan Riebe from the Amadeu Antonio Foundation with ratings.

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Xavier Naidoo posted a video statement on YouTube in which he apologized. He got lost in the conspiracy story, went blind and allowed himself to be exploited. He regrets it. The reason for his change of mind is the war in Ukraine, where parts of his family live. Jan Riebe nga The Amadeu Antonio Foundation, which works for a democratic society and against right-wing extremism, has praised Naidoo’s credibility with NDR Kultur.

Were you surprised by Xavier Naidoo’s statement?

Jan Riebe: I was a little surprised. I did not expect it now. But it is also not something that was expected. If you looked at the statement, it was very thin. This again fits Xavier Naidoo.

The key question is: How credible is this forgiveness? Baden-Württemberg anti-Semitic commissioner Michael Blume told ARD: “He justifies it with the experiences of his wife, who comes from Ukraine. I think it is very possible that he understood that conspiracy myths lead to fascism. “It’s leading to brutality. He’ve seen it in Ukraine and in Russia, so I’ll give him a chance to say it.” Lord Riebe. You just said you found the statement thin. What do you mean? Can you trust Xavier Naidoo?

Jan Riebe: He has been in conspiracy theories for more than ten years and the war in Ukraine has continued for seven or eight weeks now. A reliable output may not work in such a short time. I also think you should give it a try. I’m totally with Mr. Blume. But he is obviously still deeply entangled in conspiracy ideologies. And it will be a long, long road if he really wants to get out of there.

How do you determine if he is still involved?

Jan Riebe: When you see how powerful anti-Semitism is, when someone like him has been a spokesman for anti-Semitism in Germany for more than ten years – at least in recent years – then it is impossible – even if there is the will – to reach out in time. short. It has to be a painful process and his statement in the video is very gentle. He always says he lost, but does not say where he lost. He does not even mention any protagonist from whom he distances himself. He did not knock down any bridge. He can come back at any time.

It is not the first time he has distanced himself from his statements. Is that why they are so reserved?

Jan Riebe: Exactly, we know this from him. He went on to say that this was not the case when homophobia allegations were made. So three minutes can not make me believe it.

If you believe it now: How do exit from the conspiracy environment actually work? Is there any experience?

This is still a fairly new field. There are parallels with the cults of departure. This is why sect commissioners and church offices are also good contact persons. Now are the first points of exit. My advice would be: If people want to go out, they should seek professional help. And they also need people in their closest circle of friends whom they trust to help them get out. It will not work without them.

In addition to the approval, there were many doubts about the sudden change of the singer’s heart on the Internet. How do you react to the side thinker scene, in which Naidoo has been very active in recent years. Were they able to track him down?

It is very different. Some are really shocked. Many point out that he was in fact the most important figure because as a representative he could say something where many said: Well, this is not a right-wing extremist. This does not fit Xavier Naidoo. And that’s why some are terrified. But many are building bridges for him again and say he is being pressured. They are throwing out new conspiracy theories that he did not do it voluntarily and that he will return to the stage very soon and give concerts.

The conversation was moderated by Eva Schramm.

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Singer Xavier Naidoo has apologized for his “mistakes” in a video. Reactions to this are silent. more

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