Mirko Drotschmann explains world politics as “MrWissen2Go” on YouTube

Mirko Drotschmann reaches millions of people with his YouTube videos. What is the secret of Zornheimer’s success, who has already interviewed Chancellor Angela Merkel?

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Movie off: “YouTuber” Mirko Drotschmann records his videos in front of a so-called green screen, on which various scenes can be projected, in his Zornheim studio.
(Photo: Stefan Daub)

ZORNHEIM – Mirko Drotschmann still has plenty of invitations for a kebab or pizza. The freelance journalist and video blogger took this as a thank you. With one of his YouTube videos, “MrWissen2Go,” as he calls himself on the online video platform, helped a student reach the top 15 points. A success not only for the high school student, but also for Mirko Drotschmann.

Understandably explaining current political and social developments from around the world to young people is the goal of the 32-year-old, who has studied history and cultural studies. When the CDU elected a new party leader about four weeks ago, Drotschmann quickly posted an online post, “New Chancellor Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer?”. He also recently dedicated himself to things that will change in 2019 and the migration pact on his YouTube channel “Wissen2Go”, as they say in modern German. The channel already belongs to “funk”, the online service of ARD and ZDF. Born in Baden, he is also responsible for “history to be known”.

The freelance journalist, who this year will also moderate the program “Terra X” of ZDF, with his film contributions touches many viewers. About 860,000 users have subscribed to the “Wissen2Go” channel – more people than the city of Frankfurt am Main. Individual videos like “What if Hitler had won the war” or “Weimar Republic” have been viewed more than a million times.

Drotschmann’s explanatory pieces are well received. What is his recipe for success? “Many young people are interested in politics and history, but do not understand them. “I have to break down the topics so that everyone understands them.”

To reach the viewers in the online world, it is not at all important to look eye-catching and delightful in front of the camera. Close contact with the new audience is helpful, he responds to comments in his videos, for example. Coincidentally, family members get a lot of ideas from the public about his contribution to the video. In the end, the most important thing is to be authentic and know what moves the viewer. Of course, his age helps him – and his soft spot for German rap. “These are often topics that are liked by young people.”

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In the new series “Medienmacher”, AZ portrays interesting people from the Mainz-Bingen district who work in traditional and new media. The third part is Mirko Drotschmann from Zornheim, freelance journalist and “YouTuber”.

The 32-year-old, who moved from the Karlsruhe area to Rheinhessen a few years ago after completing his SWR training, produces videos in his small studio in Zornheim. Here he is at home. “I am a big fan of Italy. And especially in summer, here in Rheinhessen, there is a touch of Tuscan flavor. ” From Zornheim, Drotschmann also traveled to Berlin for a special production. Because as one of the four “YouTubers” he interviewed Chancellor Angela Merkel before the 2017 federal elections. How did he experience the head of government in a live interview? “Many high-ranking politicians are surrounded by an atmosphere of power. That was not the case with him at all, “said Drotschmann.

One thing also mattered to him during the conversation with the chancellor: to do the task objectively and neutrally. He found it hard to accept when some journalists tried to educate readers, viewers or listeners. “Journalists are not activists. I want to provide neutral facts. ”

Despite this claim, he is constantly accused of biased reporting. The criticism even goes so far that there were “two or three very controversial answers”. When asked if online malice is on the rise, Drotschmann responds: “There is not enough counter-speech to hate the comments.” In any case it is important that he stays in discussion with the viewers. “You can change the content, but in the end you shake hands virtually.” Or, if things are going particularly well, get a lunch invitation.

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