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The Swedish series “30 degrees in February” in Arte, the documentary series “Auswartsspiel” for a secret concert of Toten Hosen in East Berlin and the ZDF series “From the diary of an Uber driver” are tips for the media library.

by Katja Essbach

“30 degrees in February” – warm-hearted Swedish series on Arts Mediathek

Sweden in winter, people have a thirst for sun and warmth. There are both in Thailand. Several Stockholmers are drawn there – independent of each other. It is Majlis, who seeks to escape the cold with her husband Bengt, who has been in a wheelchair since an accident. Although Bengt does not feel this way:

“It will be wonderful, pleasant and warm.”
– “Who said I love this?” –
– “You will feel better in the heat.”
citim filmi

Lonely heat engineer Glenn meets a Thai woman online who urges him to visit. And then there’s Kajsa, the overworked single mother. She suffers a stroke one morning in the car with her daughters. After her recovery, Apricot has also been withdrawn to Thailand. There, the lives of all involved will change radically and forever. The Swedish series “30 degrees in February” shows very warmly and with a pleasant black humor the fact that in life almost everything turns out differently than you think. The two seasons of the series are available in the original version with subtitles in the Arts media library until the end of September.

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With beautiful black humor, the Swedish series shows the fact that in life almost everything turns out differently than you think. outer

“Game away” – documentary series about Toten Hosen’s secret concert in the ARD media library

In fact, there are still stories from divided Germany that are hardly known. Like Toten Hosen’s secret concert in East Berlin in 1983:

“To play illegally in East Berlin, bypassing all the authorities, was certainly something we definitely did not want to lose.”
Quotes from the series

At the Church of the Savior, Toten Hosen casually played in front of a fairly small audience, along with the East Berlin punk band. If the Stasi and the police had found out, the consequences would have been clear:

“If they had picked us up there, everyone would have had their pants on and we would have gone straight to jail.”
Quotes from the series

The three-part documentary series “Auswartspiel” is not only about this spectacular concert, but also about the punk scene in East Germany. While “Toten Hosen”‘s career really gained momentum after the concert, Ostband was accidentally forced to disband. Original documentaries of that time appear in the documentary series for the first time. All three episodes can be seen in the ARD media center for three months.

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A group poses with its instruments in front of a church.  © SWR / ECO Media TV Photo: Carolin Ubl

The three-part documentary series “Game Away” tells the story of a secret concert of Toten Hosen in East Berlin. outer

Campino © foto alliance / dpa / dpa-Zentralbild |  Britta Pedersen Photo: Britta Pedersen

The movie “Away Game” documents Toten Hosen’s legendary GDR secret concert. A conversation with Campino about music and time. more

Singer Campino sings into the microphone

5 min

A documentary now shows an almost unknown chapter in the history of their band: a secret concert in East Berlin. 5 min

“From the diary of an Uber driver”: Mini series with Kostja Ullmann in the ZDF media library

Taxi drivers were yesterday, today there are Uber drivers. One of them is Ben, in his mid-thirties. Every day he drives through Hamburg, with the strangest passengers on board. Some passengers simply ignore Ben, others practice parting conversation with their boyfriend with him. As if Ben played by Kostja Ullmann did not have his own problems. He will soon become an unplanned father and the child’s mother categorically refuses his help. And as for his future, Ben is forever disoriented:

“And what are you going to do with your life?” – “I have no plan, no idea.”

The six-part series “From the Diary of an Uber Driver” tells daily episodic stories that are a bit exaggerated. The cast is top class, including Catrin Striebeck, Edin Hasanović, Susanne Wolff and Fahri Yardim. To be seen for half a year in the ZDF media library.

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"From the diary of an Uber driver - Are you Ben?": Emma (Luisa C. Gaffron) sits in the passenger seat next to Ben (Kostja Ullmann) and looks at him intently.  Beni looks sideways.  © ZDF and Marion von der Mehden.  Photo: Marion von der Mehden

The six-part series “From the Diary of an Uber Driver” tells a slightly exaggerated daily story with a high-class caste. outer

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Sebastian Koch and Tobias Moretti (right) in the TV series "Your honor" © ARD Degeto / SquareOne Productions / Mona Film / Andreas H. Bitesnich

The mini-series thriller “Your Honor” with Sebastian Koch and a concert with Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) are tips for the media library for April. more

A woman looks worried and has sweat beads on her forehead - scene from the competition in Cannes "The Holy Spider" by Ali Abbasi © Profile Pictures, One Two Films, Alamode Film)

Three films co-produced by North Germany entered the selection: Ruben lstlund’s new social satire and the Iranian thriller “Holy Spider”. more

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