maximum recognition: From research to school

Content, features and new look: The Max Planck Society’s information portal for teachers, max-wissen, has been completely revised and constantly adapted to the curriculum and digital learning.

Since 2005 we have provided the latest information, images and video clips on “hot” research topics such as stem cells, climate change, black holes or fuel cells. The portal is especially aimed at all those who want to stay updated or dig deeper than the usual texts allow. In addition, web materials largely complement the MAX series. More than 100,000 students work with these notebooks each year. As part of the relaunch, most of the existing MAX booklets for biology (BIOMAX), geography (GEOMAX) and chemistry, physics and astronomy (TECHMAX) were updated and a variety of teaching materials were added. Free ordering now works through a simple shopping cart system. The portal, which can now also be accessed from mobile devices – smartphones, tablets and PCs – also offers a quick overview of student labs, tours and civic science projects at the Max Planck Institutes.

Popular MAX magazines continue to be the focus of the website. They report on central research results from the Max Planck Institute. It also makes day-to-day research transparent: how do researchers get their results in the first place? What methods are used? The use within the curriculum framework is considered even more than before and is supported by the accompanying teaching materials that have been developed by experienced teachers.

Order easily and free of charge

The ordering process is completely reorganized: With just a few clicks, the right number of MAX magazines in various categories and DVDs can be requested free of charge. The newspaper season view shows a quick summary of all MAX issues. If you are still searching for relevant content, you can use the search function to filter by subjects, curriculum topics or key terms.

Various teaching materials

With max-media, the digital teaching portal offers a whole new integrated area. Teachers will find here a wide array of different media, which is constantly expanding. Illustrations, images, photos, audio files, movies, tasks and interactive exercises can be searched and downloaded quickly and easily. Convenient search function filters by subjects, subject areas, formats and key terms. Most media have a Creative Commons license, which makes them easier to use in the classroom. Good examples of this are the comparison of two hot wines or anchor points of Sars-CoV-2.

Immerse yourself in the world of Max Planck

Many Max Planck institutes offer special activities for schools: students visit an institute or do experiments in the school laboratory. Researchers come to class and talk about their projects. There are documents such as brochures or online materials for schools, civic science projects or guided tours for classes on the Berlin-Dahlem campus. Applications support nature observation: students research, observe or identify animals and plants, record and share their results with mobile technologies.

Teachers rate the website as “very intuitive”

“The website has become very beautiful and clear! So, navigation is very easy and in fact you can find everything you are looking for and much more “, says Petra Oberpaul. “References to student labs or civic science projects and the service section in MAX brochures with tips for links, teaching materials, exercises and videos are a great addition! The journal search also works very well with the search function.” Matthias Köhler adds: “I was very excited when I saw the new page and I’m very excited! A very fresh, irregular and intuitive website that puts content at the center and is easy to browse for content for the class! ”

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