Krumbach: “Spielzialist” introduces the fun of board games in large groups

Krumbach “Spielzialist” Marc Hettich presents four board games that are suitable for large groups of friends or family.

It is finally possible to meet again in larger groups. With games for one or two games booming during the pandemic, today we are taking a look at board games for the big crowd.

Just One is a multiplayer guessing game

A simple, fun game that anyone can start playing right away: only one meets all the criteria for the game of the year. It is no wonder, then, that he was honored with this title in 2019. The principle is very simple: one of the players must find a term. Each other player secretly writes a word as an assumption on a holder that can be deleted. Emphasis: Identical tips have been removed. The player who guesses only looks at the remaining conditions. An example: The term “chicken” is to be guessed. Player 1 scores “eggs” as tips, player 2 “rooster”, player 3 “farm”, player 4 “bird” and player 5 “rooster”. The term “rooster” is removed by both players because it appears many times. Next, the guesser sees all the other words. Of course, the probability of doubling increases with the number of players – which is why Just One is especially fun with six or seven players.

The face of poker is required in the Temple of Terror

We encounter a completely different principle of the game in Temple of Terror. Before the start of the game, each player is randomly assigned a role: adventurer or guardian. No one knows the role of teammates. A poker face is required during the game: those who bluff better and leave other players in the dark for their role have a better chance of winning. There are five cards face down in front of each player, the back of which is just as happily lied to. Depending on their role, players try to discover treasures or traps. This creates wild discussions at the table, which makes this game a lot of fun for up to ten players.

Cartography is like Tetris like a board game

“1-100 players” – this is what it says in the game box Cartography. In fact, theoretically an infinite number of players could be involved at the same time. The attached block contains 100 maps that can also be downloaded from the Internet. Each player draws geometric shapes on their map – comparable to the classic “Tetris” video game. Here, too, shapes can be rotated and mirrored as desired. Next, each shape should be colored with a symbol for the appropriate type of landscape, such as three wavy lines for a water area. Based on randomly selected score cards at the beginning of the game, players collect points for certain requirements during several rounds. For example, there are dots for full rows or any forest area at the edge of the map. Nominated for the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2020, cartography is an exciting challenge for puzzle lovers.

Captain Sonar plays in a submarine

A very special game is Captain Sonar. It can only be played really well with exactly eight people. Basically, it is a more complex twist on the classic “battles”. Two teams each form the crew of a science-fiction submarine. Each player gets a role: Captain, Radio Operator, Engineer and First Officer. Each role has specific responsibilities associated with it. Both teams move their boat behind a screen across a game board. The radio operator, for example, records the movements of the other team, the engineer informs the captain of the damage to his submarine. The game is more fun in real-time mode, where players’ communication skills are tested to the maximum.

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7 wonders and coded names are also suitable for large rounds

Finally, we recommend two games that we have already presented here in a different context, but that are also suitable for larger groups. Up to 7 players are welcome who want an easy game to learn with a lot of depth and high replay attraction 7 miracles takes excellent care. Excellent game of word guessing can be played with two theoretically large teams coded names to play.

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