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April 4, 2022

  • More than four million people have fled Ukraine since the start of the Russian offensive on February 24.
  • With 2.3 million refugees, Poland took most of the people from Ukraine; the total number of war refugees in Germany was 278,000 in early April. (all figures)
  • In the first months of the war, about 10,000 refugees came to Germany every day, now the number is average. 6 thousand a day.

“At the same time, it is also a matter of common sense to give those who fled Putin’s terrible war and who will stay with us for a longer period of time the opportunity to work.”

Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil at the labor market summit on March 30, 2022

Contact point of the Federal Ministry of Labor

“What should I consider with a mini-job?” – “Is there a minimum wage?” – “How long can I work in a day?” – The Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs provides a FAQ page with information base for Ukrainian refugees to work in Germany. The site is available in Ukrainian, English and Russian. Regarding the key question “Can I work in Germany?” it states: “Yes, with the temporary certificate (” Fiktionsbescheinigung “) for your right of residence under Article 24 paragraph 1 of the law of residence, you will also receive a work permit. from the authority responsible for foreigners.” But even if all the authorities promise speed, there seem to be massive technical problems with the registration, as Bayerischer Rundfunk research has shown.

Employment agency support

The Federal Employment Agency has created a summary page in which refugees from Ukraine can click on the information provided by individual ministries and institutions on “Accommodation, housing and financial support”. This site is also available in four languages. Also, the employment agency has set up a service hotline. At 0911 -1787915, questions from Ukrainian refugees are answered in both their language and Russian (Monday to Thursday: 08: 00-16: 00, Friday: 08:00 – 13:00).

Contact point NRW

“The government of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has decided to give Ukrainian refugees the opportunity to find a job in the state administration quickly and in a non-bureaucratic way,” reads the website of the Ministry of Labor NRW. The country wants to create 20 new jobs for Ukrainian refugees and ministries and authorities should be able to advertise them in the coming weeks without major bureaucratic hurdles. To keep the hiring process as simple as possible, NRW wants to do, among other things, complete training without proof, and German should not be one of the selection criteria.

Successful private initiative as a work mediator

The JobaidUkraine website, which was created and operated by volunteers, has completely different figures. Entrepreneur Marcus Diekmann (shareholder and board member of Rose Bikes) launched the site on March 1, just days after the outbreak of war, along with Christian Weis (Managing Director of Business One):

“In Germany there is a huge shortage of skilled workers and there is a shortage of over one million workers in care, agriculture, gastronomy and digital economy. “At the same time, the integration of refugees can only succeed if people find work and perspective.”

Diekmann explained his motivation for DA. The site now has over a million clicks and 14,000 job offers. About 1,500 job interviews are said to have come through it.
Another AI Talents portal has recently launched. Two Ukrainian tech entrepreneurs Ivan Kychatyi and Nikita Overchyk created the platform, which claims to already list over 5,000 job offers – mostly in the tech sector.

The first employers advertise directly

According to its statements, Deutsche Bahn is planning a work portal and counseling services for Ukrainian refugees. A telephone line offers personal advice in Ukrainian and Russian for the German labor market on 030 – 29734949 (working days from 8:00 to 10:00). In Frankfurt am Main, Cologne and Berlin, from 4 to 10 April. Counseling centers will be opened. The first job offers for Ukrainian refugees are already online.

The SAP software group has also set up its own entry service for Ukrainian refugees. The group has vacancies in seven European countries. An additional “friends program” is intended to support potential new employees in Ukrainian and Russian, as well as language courses and psychological assistance.

Anyone wishing to volunteer for refugees from Ukraine can find the initial information on the “German Foundation for Commitment and Volunteering” page.

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