Internal Wrinkle Tip ?: This is what you need to know about fatigue rollers

Jade rolls help you have a fresh complexion and are also said to be effective against wrinkles. We explain to you if the trend is worth removing.

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Jade roles are very popular at the moment and it is hard to imagine the beauty sector without them. However, facial rolls are not new. Rather, rose jade or quartz has been used for hundreds of years.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, minerals in stones have healing powers and also provide peace, tranquility and inner peace.

This is how a jade roller works

Spiritual is not your thing at all? No problem, fatigue roller can still have a positive effect on your skin. Especially if you use serums for your skin, they can be better massaged with a jade roller and thus penetrate deeper into your skin.

Jade roles are also said to be effective against wrinkles. But beware: the effect has not been scientifically proven and you will definitely not be able to magically remove deep wrinkles with the roller of fatigue. However, many users swear by the fatigue roller, which has helped them to have firmer skin, a more beautiful complexion and a healthier glow.

If you decide to include a jade roller in your skin care routine, it can help with blood and lymph circulation. This stimulates metabolism.

Gentle massage also relaxes the facial muscles, which helps prevent wrinkles. These often develop around the mouth or eyes. Jade rolls have a cool, smooth surface that can reduce swelling under the eyes. Perfection of pores and a fresh glow are also possible.

The best rolls of fatigue

Roller Jade with Vitamin C Serum from Eco Masters

The Eco Masters set includes a classic jade roller with pure jade. Includes a serum with vitamin C, which fills your skin from the inside and makes it look more even and fresh. You can massage the serum perfectly on your skin with a roller, so that it works even better.

Emocci Jade Roller and Gua Sha Stone

The role of the Emocci fatigue has a large end and a small end designed specifically for the eye area. A gua sha stone is also included in the set. This flat stone is drawn all over the face. Try whichever you like best, jade stone or gua sha stone.

Melliex jade roller, gua sha scraper and mask brush

The Melliex set includes a double-sided jade roller, a gua sha stone and a mask brush. Roller and stones help against swelling, with the help of the brush you can then apply a rich mask on the face.

This is the difference between fatigue quartz and rose quartz

Rose quartz is an energy stone. Symbolizes sensitivity, love and peace, helps relieve stress and tension in the body by cooling and toning your skin. As it soothes the skin, it is especially suitable for sensitive skin.

Jade, on the other hand, represents health, fortune, wealth and a long life. The stone soothes irritated skin and is said to help against impurities in particular. Jade is associated with healing, cleansing and decongestant effects.

How to use the Jade roller

Since your facial skin can best recover from the stresses of daily life at night, we recommend including rolling fatigue in your evening care routine. Below you will find brief instructions on how to proceed.

1. Cleaning

Before you can happily roll the fatigue roller over your face, you should first cleanse your face. Care can be applied and massaged only on cleansed skin. It is better to take a steam bath, which opens your pores on the face.

2. care

After cleansing apply a face care product. Depending on the needs of your skin, this can be a normal night cream, moisturizing serum or even a sleep mask.

3. Rolet

By rolling with the jade roller, the care is processed deep into the skin. Rotation is not complicated either, you just have to remember one simple rule: Always rotate from the center of the face from the outside, towards the temples. You can also massage small swellings.

Since many scooters have a second, smaller roller, you should use this when going towards the eye area. You rotate here from the bridge of the nose to the temples.

To work the neck, roll from the clavicle to the chin. When you are done with the application, simply wash the fatigue roller under cold water and you are done.

Finally, we have a great tip for you: keep the jade roll in the fridge, then its rotation is particularly refreshing. The stroke of freshness especially helps tired eyes.

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