Ida Nielsen comes to the Ludwigsburg Scala

Berlin / Ludwigsburg. “A whole lot of funk” – Ida Kristine Nielsen promises a lot of funk for her performance at Scala. In any case, it will be a premiere: the Danish bassist is invited to Ludwigsburg for the first time and warns of “a high-energy funk show with some soft moments”. The evening will be opened by the singer-songwriter from New Zealand Teresa Bergman, who with the mix of elements of pop, soul, jazz and folklore has already been a guest several times at the street music festival and therefore is not unknown to Ludwigsburg. She has lived in Europe since 2009, music is her goal in life and has already allowed her to travel very far. In 2019 she combined her experiences on “Apart”, her third solo album, where Deutschlandfunk Kultur reported on “the greatest talent we have discovered last year”. “Fantastic voice, fantastic song,” said FAZ.

You can feel the Prince’s influence on him

Nor is Nielsen’s expertise in funk a coincidence, but from Minneapolis: in 2010, Prince hired the musician, who was born in Aarhus in 1975, for his New Power Generation support group, replaced in 2012 by the 3rdEyeGirl trio of female, which Nielsen supported. until Prince’s death in 2016 also belonged to him. “The experience of playing with Prince was on many levels the greatest thing that ever happened to me,” says Nielsen. “A lot of really special things have happened since that point, like the appearance in the White House with the Prince before Obama, and then Stevie Wonder came in – that was really great!” One of the most important things she learned from Prince is a question. of attitude: “Whether living or in the studio: you never had the feeling that he would prefer to be somewhere else – he was always and everywhere one hundred percent focused.”

When designing live shows, she particularly admired his mastery of arranging mixes: “I learned a lot from him – and I also use that knowledge. However, not in the form that I would have to think about actively – she “It tends to happen by itself. But you can definitely feel its impact on my music.” In fact, it can be described primarily as funk combined with nu-soul à la Erykah Badu and contemporary R&B.The fact that Nielsen has a soft spot for old-school hip-hop is also constantly mentioned. her on piano, bass or guitar: Nielsen may be perceived primarily as a bassist, but she is essentially a true multi-instrumentalist.

Another side, calmer

Although she has a very precise idea of ​​how her songs should sound, she gives the musicians of her quartet The Funkbots room for improvisation, according to Nielsen: “All solos are improvised freely.” However, funk is primarily about storing “tight” music. with him. “Funk must get to the point of being brought. As a bassist, she learned from many people:” Marcus Miller and Larry Graham influenced my swing and funk, Victor Wooten in my technique, Messhell Ndegeocello, Jaco Pastorius and Rocco Prestia shaped my finger style. “Her guest tour is currently known as the” Hey Sailor “Tour, named after her current song, but because the release of the latest song is almost imminent, it may happen that the tour” Go Play Urself “coming out of it soon.

With “02022020” Nielsen has released her fifth solo album – as shown in the title for the date of the syndrome on February 2, 2020 – in which she presents a different, calmer side of herself. “We also play excerpts from two songs on the live program”, says the Dane, but he hastens to guarantee: “The main part of the show is funk!”.

Info: On Wednesday, Ida Nielsen and her band The Funkbots will perform at Scala at 20:00. The evening will be opened by the singer-songwriter from New Zealand Teresa Bergman. Tickets and further information at

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