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Singer Xavier Naidoo admitted in a YouTube video message that he was lost in the conspiracy story. The reason for the change in his heart was the war in Ukraine. But how credible is this turnaround?

“My first reaction was: Look, look! These things are still possible,” says author Max Czollek of Xavier Naidoo’s surprise video. Musicologist Thorsten Hindrich, who researches right-wing rock at the University of Mainz, does not want to talk about a Naidoo purge: “Everything remains very unclear. Instead of taking responsibility and saying: e I’m confused. ” The video was viewed tens of thousands of times on YouTube and Instagram within a few hours and spread rapidly across the web. And the question is: How credible is this forgiveness? Why is it so vague? Are the collapse sales of his albums the reason for this statement?

Has Xavier Naidoo really made a convincing turn?

Conspiracy expert Josef Holnburger recalled on Twitter that the singer himself had spread right-wing terrorist channels on the Telegram and uploaded anti-Semitic writings there. So, according to Holnburger, is it possible with a three-minute video to “iron out a lot of anti-Semitic, homophobic and conspiratorial myths?”. Max Czollek’s position is clear: “I do not care if it is true or not. I do not care Xavier Naidoo in this context.”

But his followers and fans are not at all interested in Naidoo’s statement, says musicologist Thorsten Hindrich. He observes all day that “this has a positive side effect”. But there is no convincing inner turn, according to the musicologist: “Even in this video he is presented as a seeker of truth.”

Naidoo posted a video statement on YouTube on Tuesday

“I’m in touch with you today because I want to take a stand on something,” begins the video that singer Xavier Naidoo posted on YouTube on Tuesday. “I am open to theories, perspectives and sometimes even groups, from which I distance myself without any if or but”, says the 50-year-old in the clip a little more than three minutes entitled “#OneLove”.

Xavier Naidoo denies allegations of racism

He was “blinded” by conspiracy theories, did not question them enough, and sometimes allowed himself to be “instrumentalized.” Unfortunately I only realized this now. I said and did things that I regret today “, continued the musician from Mannheim. In recent years, Xavier Naidoo has appeared with the so-called Reichsb├╝rger, spreading QAnon movement theories and making controversial statements about the corona pandemic. The lines of the text brought him accusations of racism, which the singer himself denied.

The war in Ukraine changed his mind

In the past, he has defended himself against criticism that he was close to right-wing extremist conspiracy stories. In December 2021, the constitutional court in Karlsruhe ruled that a speaker could call him an anti-Semite. Xavier Naidoo justified his change of mind with the war in Ukraine. His wife is from Ukraine. “Violence, contempt for human beings, the fact of a war that is not far away from us shocked and deeply shocked me,” said Naidoo. He had to expel family and friends abroad because “fear and terror” prevailed there. Suffering touched him deeply: “It seems the world has turned upside down and I wondered how he could have gotten this far.”

He talked a lot with those affected – and had to ask himself critical questions about the statements, for which he was very grateful. “I have known the wrong ways in which I have ever found myself and that I have made many mistakes in recent years.” He became aware that he had irritated and provoked his family, friends and fans with “disturbing statements, for which I would apologize”, Naidoo continues in the video. Due to the controversial statements of the singer, NDR decided in 2016 to withdraw Naidoo nomination for the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm.

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